Only 5 Things In Life You Should Excel In

There are a  lot of worthier things to excel in during your lifetime, especially if you’re less busy and have time for almost everything. Very few things in life really matter. There are achievements that earn you the accolade and respect of many people and fans, but make you terribly empty inside nonetheless.

There are also people who do not have many celebrated achievements and yet seem to be the happiest folks in the world, happy and accomplished in their own humble ways. They live quietly content with loved ones all their lives. Best of all, they seem so relaxed and have all the time in the world.

After talking to some of these folks, I gathered only 5 things in life they said you should excel in:

1. Character. What are you going to do with all your trophies, awards, plaques of recognition and fat wallet and hefty bank account if you have a rotten heart? Jesus put it succinctly:

What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

You can have good character only if you “rest from all your works” as God did and does. Often, when I see someone doing too many things at a time and always saying he’s too busy, I see a “toxic” person.

2. Good Human Relations. Excel at treating your fellows with the same treatment you like to get from others. Many “successful” people occupying top positions and earning huge incomes fail miserably when it comes to how they treat other people, especially those who are poor, who are in the lower hierarchy and often have no use for them. Aside from being good inwardly, reach out to people by being interested in them and treating them right—even if they have no use for you.

3. Your Maturity. Excel at being the best God wants you to be. In other words, be perfect in God’s purposes for your life. And this is often in terms of broad-mindedness, patience, kindness, meekness, simplicity and self effacement. No matter how “successful” and moneyed you are, if you are immature, self-centered or “toxic,” you’ve really gained nothing.

Thus, aside from being good inside and having a healthy social life, see everything with the right perspective. Maturity is understanding things in their proper context.

4. Healthy Marriage. “Success” is trash if you have a failed marriage. And it’s not just a marriage where husband and wife merely continues to live together—they should be happy with each other and with their kids under one roof no matter what circumstances. There are couples who just enjoy life’s pleasures when everything’s good but separate ways in times of trouble.

5. Healthy Family. An ideal family is not just one where everyone is happy, have finished school, and are gainfully employed or financially able. It is where dad and mom enjoy a healthy life together and their kids are raised up with good characters and the fear of God.

You’ll have the above if you have enough time for them. I always say, it’s okay to be busy at times, but not too busy that all you have is your pleasures and your money.

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