Less Busy, Less Stress–More Productive

cropped-relaxed-feet.jpgLess busy—you get more out of life this way. They all take pride in being too busy. Sometimes when people brag about themselves, they seem to be in a contest of who’s busiest and the most successful, and I got tired of all that. I wanted to be able to say that I’m less busy and I have enough time for what really matters in life—like stopping awhile and listening to people, asking how they are. To me, that’s a great accomplishment in life.

If God Rested, Then Maybe…

So one day, I thought of doing a blog telling the world how I was less busy. Yeah, at times I can be busy, but not too busy. God rested the 7th day after creation, so why can’t I? I mean, he did say in the bible that we should imitate him. So, sometime in 2012 I decided to relax most of the time and not be too busy. That was when I was forced to quit my job due to company expenditure cuts and I went full time with blogging and content writing.

Since then I’ve been less busy—I’ve always been available at home, free from deadlines and hustles, the stupid daily traffic and free to do anything I love doing—ponder, write, run, workout, eat, cook, experiment, travel, garden, and investigate mysteries. And yes, enjoy cups of mangosteen tea. It’s a brand new less busy me, determined to kick stress out of my life and just be happy. And I’ll help you do it, too, if you want—just keep visiting this blog for updates.

One day while scrolling down my FB wall, I came across this poster that said: “Never mind about your accomplishments and imagined successes. What matters in life is your good character, happiness and how you quietly help people around you.” That quickly made my day.  What could be better in life? I’ve always wanted a simple, quiet life like that, and that is what I pursue.

Finally, I’ve often noticed how folks supposedly on vacation end up all stressed out. Or folks who are supposedly church people live in frustrations, disappointments and bad moods. And the culprit is this idea that always says, “I’m too busy,” but which remain undetected by many of its victims. God has a powerful remedy for this. He said, “Be still and know I am God.”

easy choy

More Productive

You’re really smart if you get this—less busy, less stress, more productive. See? It rings something like less words less mistakes. The Book of Ecclesiastes says, the more the words the less the meaning (and how does that profit anyone?). Often, more does not mean better but less. That’s why I thought of cutting back on what makes me busy so I can devote more time on what really matters to me. That means real productivity. In fact, just minimizing stress in your life is already a great accomplishment. Lots of “great” folks never achieved that in their lifetimes.

I don’t like saying I’m too busy. Instead, I tell people around how I’m less busy so I can kick stress out.


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