Vegan? I’m More Organic

Less busy so I can be organic. When people notice that all I eat are vegetables and fruits, they ask me if I’m vegan. I’m not. I’m pescatarian—limited to fruits, vegetables and some fish (but only salt-water fish). I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and often they’re all I eat. But I’d probably also eat organic chicken and egg any time. I prefer organic to just being vegetarian. I started last month (June). A lot of vegetables today are bombarded with chemical pesticides and grown with chemical soil fertilizers. You may be vegetarian but if you eat vegetables with chemicals, you risk your health just the same.

So I like organic food—food untouched by any chemicals. Thus, I’m starting my own home organic vegetable garden. I still buy veggies from the market—which may be chemicalized—but I hope to produce my own organic veggies soon. I like organic chicken and fish, fed with natural feeds (no artificial vitamins, antibiotics and especially no steroids) and grown in their natural habitat.

Organic Diet

However, if, say, someone offers me native chicken tinola, I will just have a taste of the meat and eat more of the vegetables it comes with—chili leaves (dahon ng sili), papaya, moringa and sayote. With fish, I like those caught from the sea (not those domesticated), with scales and fins, like tuna. But I will just have a taste of the fish meat and eat lots more vegetables.

Recently, my wife cooked her fish specialty, sinigang na bangus sa miso with mustasa (milk fish sour soup with mustard) and she made certain the milk fish had dark skin. Someone told us that dark-skinned milk fish were caught from the sea, not raised up in fish pens. So I just tasted the fish meat (not the belly) and ate lots of mustasa leaves. Miso, by the way, is rich in protein.

But It’s Hard to Keep Up

But in this day and age, it’s hard to keep up with being vegan and organic. You will often find yourself faced with no other option but to break your diet rules, like when you eat out with friends. Sometimes, friends invite me to a smorgasbord mostly of meat and pork, or vegetable dishes tainted with meat and pork and chemical seasonings. So I supplement with natural health products, like non-acidic Vitamin C sodium ascorbate, Veron C, which is good for detox and cleansing.

And anyway, sometimes our bodies need to take something unhealthy so our immune system has something to fight against. We need some bad bacteria, not just good bacteria. We need some LDL “bad” cholesterol, not just HDL. Everything in the right proportion. We need a certain amount of acidity in the body because all-alkaline is also unhealthy. Imagine if our immune system has no more use because we’ve become “perfectly healthy,” if there’s such a thing.

What to Do When Trapped!

I heard of a guy—he was a public figure before—who kept on taking detox supplements too much until he finally achieved a zero bad bacteria condition. He died because of it.

So don’t be afraid to take in something unhealthy now and then, but don’t abuse it. Sometimes when I have no choice, I buy tuna sandwich and eat it. Of course, I know the preservatives from its mayonnaise and the high salt content from the canned tuna. But I never have it daily or even once a week. I have it only when I’m so hungry and there’s no other food available.

Often, I eat vegetable food dishes from street-corner eateries (karinderia), knowing that they’re seldom fresh and often applied with chemical seasonings. But what can I do? I cannot cook my own meals three times a day, though I’m less busy nowadays. So I get rid of most of the soup and eat only the veggies. Then later, I take my supplements. One time I ate super delicious grilled tuna applied liberally with butter when I was invited to this food hub. My goodness! But I just enjoyed the thing and took my supplements later. And daily, I have water therapy and also enjoy my mangosteen tea.

No big deal. The most important thing in life is enjoy what you do and be happy. You’d get more toxins from stress and worry than you would from food.

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