Figaro on Scout Magbanua, QC

If you’re less busy you have more time to manage your health. After my wife’s blood test at the Capitol City Medical Center on Scout Magbanua Street in Quezon City, we looked for a place to eat. The hospital canteen was closed (we loved eating there) and we were surprised to see that all the food stalls along Panay Avenue near Scout Magbanua had been gone. The nearby 7-11 grocery was not really ideal for dining.

Why Figaro is Special to Us

Suddenly, my wife remembered Figaro. She and her dad used to love eating there. So we checked it out. We were kind of excited to see how it looked after months since my dad-in-law passed away. We browsed at the menu displayed at the entrance, and when we saw we could afford some items, we went in. We were greeted by the brand new interior which looked brighter and cozier than its former design. I and my wife loved the simple yet elegant makeover. “If only dad were still around to see the renovation,” my wife reflected. The place was also her dad’s favorite.


Bright and cozy ambiance. I loved how Figaro was quiet and not jam-packed on ordinary days.

Doctors, outpatients and their companions and hospital guests patronized the restaurant, and I can imagine how lodgers at the adjacent Lemon Tree Inn also had their dinners there. We sat down and studied the menu. The lady server knew my wife and her dad because they had frequented the place each time my dad-in-law had a check up at Capitol Medical. After carefully weighing food prices and our available funds we finally decided to have green salad and mushrooms on bread.

We ate leisurely, just enjoying our food and the light Figaro ambiance. Among things I liked about the place was that it was never crowded when we went there. I can imagine how it’s full packed on Saturdays and Sundays when Capitol Medical is flocked by guests and visitors. But on ordinary days it’s lovely and quiet.


Green Salad

What We Had

Being vegetarian, I preferred the green salad, which turned out, well, not so green. I mean, it was more multi-colored than just green. Plenty of lettuce, cucumber, carrots, onions and tomatoes plus some bits of toasted bread. The sauce looked and smelled good, but I didn’t use it because it was a bit too sour.

My wife had the mushrooms on bread. The toasted bread was topped with mushrooms and melted mozzarella cheese. We shared our snacks.


Mushrooms on Bread.

By the way, my wife’s CBC results were good. Thank God! Because of that, we tried snacking at the nearby 7-11. The snacks at Figaro and 7-11 were actually good enough as supper.

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