How to Relax the Mind within Seconds

Being less busy makes it less difficult to empower the mind. The mind should rule over the body to keep your person functional and intact.  That’s a sound mind. But what if the mind itself becomes rattled and perturbed? If it has no self-control, there’s no way it can control the body. And a requisite for a sound mind is relaxation. Can you be relaxed amid chaos?

With training, you can relax the mind within seconds. You can alter its course from being affected to being in control. And by “training” I mean doing some simple mental exercises daily, not actually attending a formal training.

Why the Mind Goes Berserk

What causes the mind to lose control? It’s simply clutter. Too much trash in the mind. Too many non-essentials we think are important. A cluttered mind has no focus—therefore, no control. Moreover, the presence of clutter means too much stress. If we trim down the overgrowth in our minds and weed out non-essentials that have taken deep root, we relieve the mind of excess load and free it to relax. Then it can process data powerfully and be in control over the body—and yes, even over nature.

I believe in mind over body and mind over matter. The bible is replete with instances of mere men who controlled nature. Elisha the prophet made a hammer float on water. Elijah made fire come down from heaven and hit 50 soldiers dead. If they controlled nature like that, what more their own bodies? Yes, it was God’s power that did it, but faith in God like that requires bold confidence in God. This means their minds were relaxed in God, possessing totally sold-out minds and hearts. You won’t be able to have radical trust in God like that unless your mind is relaxed.

Relaxing the Mind Quickly

So what’s the culprit? It’s too much trash in the mind which can only be remedied by relaxation. If your faith enables you to relax in God nothing will be impossible to you. So here are 5 simple ways to relax the mind, even within seconds.

  1. Pray with radical trust. I always find it useful. But it should be prayer with radical faith, not just wishful thinking. Ask and believe you have received it, says Jesus in the bible. This relaxation technique has been so effective for me through the years.
  2. Command yourself to relax! Start empowering your mind by making it command your body. I do this with ailments. I talk to my body. I even command it to be healed and order ailments to go. I command my body to relax. My spirit even commands my mind to calm down. You can do this 2 to 3 seconds after an emergency happens if you develop the habit. But mind you, this often takes years of faith-practice to master.

If some botanists talk to their plants and tell them to be healthy or bear fruit, then why not try to talk to your body to relax?

  1. GOD is in full control. No matter what the danger or emergency, God is in full control and has good plan. So, just relax. And don’t be afraid that something may go wrong. If it does, just accept it and be ready.
  2. Calm yourself. When danger or threat or trouble strikes, the first thing to do is calm yourself down. Don’t just rely on others to calm you down. I always do this so it’s become automatic.I was once in a movie house watching Empire Strikes Back when a bomb exploded at the exit area near me. I heard the people standing up from their seats ready to stampede. Because I have learned to relax within 3 to 5 seconds of danger, I was able to command the movie goers to calm down and walk quietly to the exit. They did. All of them, until everyone was out safe. The darkness kept the movie goers from seeing that I was just a teenager.
  3. Deep breathing. Once you are in some emergency, breathe slowly and deeply up to 10. This will control your fear and keep you from panicking.If you’re less busy, you have more time to notice your surroundings and be alert. Busy people often miss seeing their surroundings and are caught by surprise the moment danger strikes. A shocked mind can never relax.

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