Less Busy on Saturday Mornings Alone

Saturday morning, about 5.30 am. Just looking out the jalousie window upon waking and looking afar. All peace and quiet. You can afford to be “idle” awhile and meditate because you’re less busy. Nothing could be better—your soul still quiet and hopeful with the gleeful bird chirps you hear around. Sometimes they peek at you. You peek back through the windows and see a small patch of the clear sky. You know at once it’s a good day out there. You want to go out and run.

But some days you just want to stay in your room and watch everything from the window, alone, quietly staring at life and nature—birds perched on the telephone wire, early commuters and joggers, and the taho vendor breaking the silence with shouts of his trade.  You just take all that in quietly.

Alone with the Author of Life

You don’t have any plans, though you know things are going to be hectic as the day progresses.  Things are bound to come and present themselves uninvited. But for the moment, you don’t bother with any of that. You just look out the window and enjoy the scenes, taking in all the fresh air available. And then you glance at your spouse now and then, a creature dearest to you, still hugging her pillow and intent on enjoying an extended bedtime. No need to hurry. It’s Saturday. And she needs the rest.

Oh yes, I’m happily “alone” like this with God and my wife.


Just like iced tea. I often picture in mind iced tea in a tall glass when I need to relax or when I’m in a relaxing moment. Actually, I’m quite choosy when it comes to my iced tea. I don’t drink powdered, bottled or artificial iced tea (I love tap or cool water better anytime), but I love the way it looks—natural or artificial—especially its light yellow-green color and the sweaty droplets on the pitcher or glass when the abundance of ice releases its full effect. Well, sometimes I take a sip or two—maybe 3 or 5—but never gulp down the whole thing. I don’t like the excess caffeine.

Saturday Mornings and Bottomless Iced Tea

A crazy and tiresome week makes you look forward to Saturday mornings and iced teas. I and my wife do (minus the iced tea), and especially because we get more quiet moments with God on a Saturday morning. Special quiet moments like this should be on a Saturday morning (aside from doing it daily), not any other day or time of day. Friday afternoons are hopeless with traffic and exhaustion and Sunday mornings are often devoted only to religion that you lose time alone with God. So I often get things figured out on a Saturday morning. Next time you need to decide on an urgent matter, wait till it’s Saturday morning. Your decisions get better results.

Hence, I hate the idea of going out on a Saturday morning to do some other thing, like work or business or even pleasure. I hated it when I was required to be at the office on a Saturday. Thank God I’m not an employee anymore. Saturdays and Sundays should be kept free for God and family and that would prove to be even more productive for businesses in the end. It’s like iced tea—the more you offer bottomless iced tea almost for free, the more customers like it and order more food. It’s a catch.

Iced Tea

Talking of iced tea, there are two kinds that give you different health effects. Natural iced tea, like the one made from real mangosteen, for instance (green tea is a good substitute). But artificial ones, like powdered instant iced tea, are bad for your health. Exactly like relaxation or times of refreshing. Refreshments can either be bad or good, and we’d be dealing with both here on the blog, Less Busy.Me. For instance, it’s a bad time to relax when it’s time to get stressed. You know what I mean? Nonetheless, you also should be able to relax during stressful times, but not in a bad way.



And almost each Saturday—well, sometimes any day of the week as long as I’m online—I’ll try my best to mix you nice iced tea that fits your day, and serve it bottomless, as long as you’re less busy. Unlimited. Not even the sky is the limit. And you know what? Here’s a tip—bottomless tea (bottomless rest) is best sipped while staring out your jalousie windows, and there’s peace and quiet all around.

Your nerves are calm and you enjoy a clear mind to figure out things—sometimes, you also need a clear mind to allow your thoughts to wonder freely, like how the wind blows. And then you “go places” while in the comforts of your small bedroom. When you easily get into this experience, at the snap of your fingers, you are less busy, enjoying my bottomless tea, and kicking stress out.


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