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The Incredible Power of Laughter in Stress Management

I’m one guy who loves clean jokes because I love to laugh. Fact, I love laughing at my mistakes and blunders. I’ve been a laugh enthusiast since grade school because I’ve been less busy since I was a kid. I’ve always loved time freedom and had enough time reading comics and watching funny TV shows. I very seldom joined the rat race and only did so during times I was still caged in employment.

But later I realized the value of freedom and laughter. Laughter can demolish stress. It’s a fact. According to the website Mayo Clinic, laughter lightens your “load mentally.” And not just that, it actually triggers positive changes in the body. It’s the perfect stress management.

Organs Affected by Laughter

Mayo also said laughter can stimulate a lot of your body organs. It stimulates the heart, lungs and even muscles as you take in oxygen when you laugh. It can also increase endorphin—hormones released from the brain and nervous system that act as “pain killer”—which makes you feel good and happy.

Laughter can also fight bad stress. Because it soothes tension, relaxes your muscles and stimulate circulation, laughter keeps you away from distress. So, if you’re pressured and tense, just laugh it off. It’s free and doesn’t break any law—well, except if you’re in a library or the Intensive Care Unit.

Laughter, the Best Medicine?

Ever heard of laughter or humor therapy? According to the site, CancerCenter, some medical journals in the US acknowledge that laughter can better the life quality of patients suffering from chronic illnesses. Scientific studies on laughter and diseases began when a guy named Norman Cousins claimed he had been cured of a serious illness—which made him suffer for years—by just laughing and taking vitamins. In 1979, he published a book, Anatomy of an Illness, where he explained how funny movies he watched enabled him to recover.  That’s powerful illness and stress management.

Indeed, laughter can be the best medicine—and it’s no joke. I’ve experienced it for myself. When I don’t feel well, I watch funny movies or talk with my wife or with friends sharing jokes. And it always works. It’s the reason why I post jokes now and then on my Facebook wall. And many friends PM me how my jokes help relieve them from work stress.

Why is laughter the best medicine? First, it’s free. Second, it has no side effects. Third, it’s safe even for infants and pregnant moms. Fourth, it doesn’t break any law. Fifth, it has no contraindications if you’re taking maintenance meds. Sixth, it has no expiration date—you keep it for years and it’d still be effective. And seventh, it’s a cure for all.

But warning—laughter can be contagious.

Prescribed by the First Doctor

Actually, it was all God’s idea. He provided mankind with an all-natural first aid for illnesses and stress. He wrote on his prescription, “A cheerful heart is good medicine…” [Proverbs 17.22]. It’s the best medication ever and yet He doesn’t charge you His professional fee. Jesus paid for it on the cross. “By his stripes we are healed.”

Thus, don’t be too serious about life or your career or livelihood. Don’t be too formal. Find time to laugh. Be less busy and kick stress out with laughter.

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