They Still Care Because They’re Less Busy

Some people still genuinely care. It’s because they’re less busy and have more time to do so. They go out of their way to help you out or make you feel better. I’m just sorry for those who see only business and money in everything and won’t lift a finger if they can’t squeeze out a profit from you. They’re usually people who are too busy. And most of these guys are professionals—professionals with degrees, but most of all professionals at making money.

It’s become scary to be out there in the world and not be self-reliant or self-sufficient. I mean, you don’t know if someone would help if you’re in trouble. Some won’t help due to fear of being involved in trouble. Some won’t make a move because they are simply unconcerned. Worse, other people would even take advantage of your weakness. These are realities we see in the news today. That’s why I make myself as self-reliant as possible when I go out. I take with me all the things I urgently need—explains why I always carry a small shoulder bag.

No One Can Stand Alone

But still, we need to seek help from others and also willingly help them. We should all still care. And this can only be possible if we are less busy. The Good Samaritan was able to help the beaten man because he was not in a hurry. He had time to pause and help. While the priest and levite were too busy (and probably too scared) to stop and help.

There are those who make it their profession or mission to help people, regardless of their careers, titles or degrees. Sometimes, they seem too good to be true. Sometimes I can’t believe what I see when I watch them in action. Are they for real? But there aren’t any cameras around when they do good deeds, so they must be for real. Like this young guy I know who risked his life helping an old lady who was just maltreated by an abusive street cop. The young man protected the old lady and saw to it that she got away from the cruel cop safely.

And this wellness coach who went out of his way to explain to patients the full results of their magnetic resonance body analyzing tests (this procedure analyzes some 37 body organs to help you see what you are sick of). I have not seen any medical practitioner as patient in explaining tests results to patients. All they do is write prescriptions and how to take them. You go home with nothing but faith in the doctor and the meds he made you buy. Some medical doctors are even rude. Some are arrogant. Some won’t care if you don’t have the money.

Well, in fairness, there are medical doctors who also explain things to you a bit, especially if you persist in asking them (or wringing out the answers from them).

Less Busy Folks are Mostly Compassionate

But it’s different with this wellness coach. The patients went home knowing what they were currently suffering inside their bodies, why and how to have the ailments treated with alternative medicine. Have you ever had a doctor explain to you what’s wrong with your 37 body organs and discuss all your options, from medical to natural?

How about the stranger who helped a couple find their way correctly in the city by actually going with them to show the right path? And there’s this grade school teacher who found a poor, dirty street boy asking people at the wet market for some food but was ignored or shooed off. But this teacher treated him to lunch! When I see people like them, it kicks stress out of me—you’re tempted to do the same because it’s so refreshing.

Some folks also do kind things but only when the cameras are rolling. They can hug dirty street kids, carry and kiss them, hug poor people and eat with them in their messy dining tables as long as there are cameras around and everything will be posted on Facebook or shown on TV for the world to see. They’re amusing to watch but I prefer those who do kind things in secret, seen accidentally by me because I’m a nosy fellow who notes almost everything around me. Because I like the sight of folks who are less busy and doing what really matters in life.

In fact, if you want to see real kindness that’s natural and unscripted, forget about watching it on TV or online. Or sometimes even watching it in church. Go where real folks are and watch what real people do. You’re bound to find genuinely kind folks—real heroes—in places you don’t expect them to be. They often hide from the limelight and see to it that what they do is kept private. That kicks stress out of me. Yup, they still care.

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