Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna Near Cavite

When less busy you often go to more places, like Nuvali. It’s become a popular sightseeing destination for people visiting southern Luzon. But I don’t really know if it’s in Sta. Rosa, Laguna or Cavite. Each time we go there I see Laguna and Cavite almost simultaneously.

How to Know You are in Nuvali

Anyway, you see that intersection where a huge 3 dimensional lettering that says “Nuvali” welcomes you and the shopping centers greet you. Coming from Manila you turn left at the intersection and, after a few more seconds of driving, you find the area where the dock for the river is.

You get free parking at the back and walk your way to the dock area where the huge lake-aquarium is and you may want to buy some feeds to feed the fish with. It’s highly relaxing feeding them. Some people even swear it’s therapeutic. Then you buy a ticket if you want boating adventure along the river. It was a hot sunny afternoon when we were there but the wind more than made up for the uncomfy humidity.

Birthday Party at the Parking Lot

Prior to that we had snacks at the parking lot where we had home-made pancit noodles, fish fillet, cakes and ice cream. It was my niece’s birthday. What a way to spend your birthday—at a parking lot. Anyway, it was Nuvali parking lot and we were all there as a big family.

What to Do

Oh yes. The boats were in very good condition and clean and the staff manning it were polite. When we were there, people waiting for their turns in a line were also polite. I hope it stays that way.

If you and your family are less busy and want a simple family relaxation on a weekend, try Nuvali. And then have a family picnic at the nearby Picnic Grove in Tagaytay about 30 minutes from Nuvali. Or, if I were you, I’d try a hot and flavorful bulalo (beef) meal at the Mahogany Market also in Tagaytay which is about 30 to 40 minutes from Nuvali.

Then, I’d never miss The Original if I were you, which is a special local pastry store specializing in buko pie, and also Rowena’s which specializes in tarts and other pastries. Rowena’s also has a restaurant serving delectable meals. Both are near Nuvali. Or, try the nearby Good Shepherd for root crops, fruits, ube jam, and pastries. Their ube jam is the best!

But What I Like Best

Well, what I really like at The Original are the swords, fan knives, daggers, and switch blades made from Batangas (with perfect craftsmanship). Street vendors sell there.

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