Aim to be Jobless Big-Time

You want to be radically less busy? You want to kick stress out for good? Then you need to aim to be jobless big-time like me. I’m not yet “big-time” (I’m simply jobless for now) but I’m on my way to being so, and it won’t be long. Imagine being jobless big-time—you’re jobless but you earn big-time.

I started playing with the idea in my head when I realized that busying myself in employment was a total waste. Employment may be effective for other people but not for me. I don’t want to help enrich one guy and just get a salary out of it. I like helping people and I figured I could do that if I stopped devoting my life to helping just one guy prosper. Since then, I’ve been pursuing being jobless big-time.

Self Employed

It all starts with being self employed. I write web content for clients and get some money out of it. I work when I want to and I have no deadlines. I can work while on vacation somewhere as long as I have a laptop or i-Pad and internet connection. But the downside to it is that I get no money if I stop writing. You’re on vacation and yet still writing for other people. That spoils all the fun.

Small Business

Thus, aiming for being jobless big-time does not end with being self-employed. Gradually, you need to be building a small business while you’re in some self-employment stint so you can eventually leave your self-employment and go full-time with your small business. You do this by systematic and progressive savings. I sat down in my brother-in-law’s conference one day where he tackled on this. His formula is 70-30 money utilization. Meaning, apportion 70 percent of your monthly earnings to your daily needs while keeping the 30 percent as savings. Why 30 percent?

Ten percent is for giving back to society by supporting some worthy cause, like charity. In my case, it’s giving to God’s work. Then, another ten percent for savings. Just save it, keep it somewhere safe and forget about it. Then another ten percent for putting up or starting a small business, and in my case, buying a blog site and advertising my products online through WordAd, AdWords or Facebook.

As your small business grows, you keep up with your progressive savings, this time saving ten percent for investment rather than for your small business. The capital you use for your small business should be self-sustaining by now, giving way to savings for investment.


Investment is when your money works for you. From employment to being self-employed and later putting up small business, it’s been you working for money. But the scenario changes when you start investing—and this is what I mean by saying, aim to be jobless big-time. Invest in stocks and bonds or trading. You can learn them easily online. But to Robert Kiyosaki, even trading is not real investment. He said nothing beats investing in real estate.

When your money starts working for you, then you become less busy and easily kick stress out of your life. Then you begin to enjoy doing what really matters to you. In my case, it’s walking and writing with God.

Image above from Canberra Times

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