How to Relax Regardless of Your Career

In employment or business, I know lots of folks who are over-stressed everyday due to work. They can’t afford to be less busy. Even if they’ve just come from a vacation trip (to get out from it all) the stress simply remains with them and even doubles when they get back to work. Instead of kicking stress out, they nurture and make it breed.


Because lots of folks have learned to live on stress. They eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper. Even for snacks. They simply can’t relax and have grown accustomed to living with zero relaxation—and think life is really like that. Yeah, your body can get used to bad stress but it will suffer the consequences in the long run, aside from make life difficult for other people.

So, how do you get back to getting naturally relaxed again even amid work?

The answer? Appreciation.

As simple as that. Appreciation for a lot of things around you, especially the simple things. And most especially, appreciation for people, even if they are pains in the neck.

1. Appreciating things in your workplace—pens that write, clean bond papers, books, stapler, PC that works, and WiFi that connects. And even if they don’t work, appreciate a relaxing day—because nothing is working and you have no choice but to do nothing.

2. Appreciating the people you work with. In employment, value your officemates or your staff (regardless of their performance). In business, appreciate your employees, customers and suppliers, even if they don’t do well. I do that. Since I have no choice at the moment but work with them, might as well like them.

3. Appreciating accomplishments (or sales), even small ones. They’re still better than nothing. Just try to do better next time.

4. Appreciating problems. Others call it getting excited with challenges. Since problems are everywhere, it will do you good to get to like them a bit. I’m not saying you go crazy for them—just like them a bit.

5. Appreciating the job or business itself. Whatever your job or business is, it’s still better than nothing. Remember, a lot of folks out there are jobless and penniless. Some hardly eat 3 square meals a day. Others do not even have a decent bed to sleep on.

Over-stress comes the moment you stop appreciating people and things and what little else you have. If you can’t find anything to appreciate, it means you’re too stressed. I usually drop everything, go outside and take a long leisurely walk, stopping by to appreciate little things in nature. Be less busy and life starts to have color again.

Also, when I’m beginning to feel stressed out with my work, I just stop and close my eyes and remember the basics of life. Then I open my eyes, look around, and become aware of my surroundings. Then I begin to appreciate everything—even a glass of tap water. Yeah, even problems.

If the WiFi isn’t working, I tell myself, “Good! Then I can take a break and chat with Globe call agents and ask them silly and amusing questions!” Or, rest my eyes for a while. And if not for the busted WiFi, I wouldn’t have extra time for taking pictures for my blogs.

If you keep doing it, you kindof  “piss off” bad luck so it goes away and pesters someone else. Not many know this, but bad luck also gets pissed off when its tricks don’t work on you.

The bible says, in everything give thanks to God. Sincerely, just try it. You’d feel the liberating and relaxing effect.

Image above from Shutterstock.

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