It’s the Only Thing that Remains Hi-Tech for All Times but Keeps You Less Busy

You know why we’re seldom less busy? There’s always something new on the internet almost everyday—and we try to catch up each time. The same thing with smartphones and other digital devices. The competition is always about which ones remain the most updated and hi-tech of all. And we marvel at how they always come up with new features. But the problem is, these new and exciting features keep most people too busy to enjoy what really matters in life.

It’s almost like irony—the more hi-tech we become the more we’re too busy, when in fact, modern technology is supposed to make life easier for us. Anxiety and bad stress have become too rampant than they were when machines were manually operated. Modern telecommunications today enable us to connect with more people worldwide, and yet there are more lonely folks craving for attention.

Modern Yet Ancient but Easy

But more and more people are discovering the wonders of a unique telecommunication “device” and especially the benefits of its long term and frequent use. It’s been acclaimed by lots of people around the world as the most modern of all “accessories” or “tools” being used today and yet its origins go back to ancient times. It comes in the form of both electronic (or digital) and manual, but I think nothing beats the manual form. And best of all, it’s so easy to use.

It’s so powerful its transmission signal can reach inter-galactic and multi-dimensional proportions even without running on electricity or battery. It does not even need solar power because it has tremendous power of its own. And the power is estimated to be more destructive than 100 nuclear warheads, or more—able to create or disintegrate worlds in the wink of an eye— though often used constructively. It is ultra modern and yet so easy to use.

Strangely, however, few (if any) super power nations take it seriously. Rather, only the poor and meek find it appealing. Have you guessed what it is?

Spoken WORD

The spoken Word of God in the bible. It’s been the most modern and updated thing in the world since time immemorial. In fact, it’s so super advanced that it tells the end from the beginning. It’s never been found to have been obsolete or outdated no matter what scientific or technological breakthrough has happened in the world. And I’m serious. The best thing is, the more you use and understand it, the more you become relaxed, refreshed and less busy. It literally kicks stress out of your life. Among it’s primary design is to give rest to those who are heavily laden and tired of carrying heavy load.

But it’s also the most grossly misunderstood, even by some of its avid users. They think the bible contains raw or crude materials they need to develop, refine and “make better” to fit modern times. For instance, they think they need to improve on what Jesus started—church and ministry—because we face a more sophisticated world today than he did some 2,000 years ago.

Primitive and Backward

It’s actually the other way around. What we do today, regardless of how “modern” we think the church is (and regardless of what modern technology we use), is primitive, crude and backward and we need to re-calibrate everything to the standards of the Kingdom seen in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. In other words, what Jesus did was ultra modern for all times and we need to catch up with it. We’re terribly lagging behind!

I mean, just look at how we still can’t come up with a super effective eye medication out of mud and saliva. We still can’t walk on water. We still can’t multiply bread and fish for thousands by just looking up to heaven and thanking God. Churches all over the world still can’t truly unite as one body of Christ.

Worse, we seem to be drifting farther away from what Jesus did and looking more like the world. Observe church today—we use more worldly ways than we use the supernatural ways of Jesus Christ. When was the last time the blind saw, the mute spoke and the lame walked miraculously in your church? To make a semblance of what Jesus did, we still rely on the primitive tools of medical science. Effective, yes, but outdated.

There’s nothing more modern and relevant for all time than what Jesus said and did in the bible. Yes, it was backdropped against ancient Israel, both in the Old and New Testaments, but the principles and mechanisms apply to a supremely advanced civilization the world has never known.

Best of all, from God’s spoken Word we see how hi-tech should make us less busy in life, at the same time being more productive for God.

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