Turmeric for Brain Power

You want extra brain power to keep up with your more challenging mental activities? And you want something cheap but effective? Aside from relaxing more and being less busy, you’ve got to try turmeric. It does not only have curcumin which is responsible for the healing and health powers of this root crop, it also has Ar-turmerone which helps in the regeneration of brain cells to fight off neurologic disease.

Aid to Stem Cells

The study appeared in the publication, Stem Cell and Therapy. When scientists mixed extracts of Ar-tumerone with neural stem cells in petri dishes, some 80 percent of the stem cells helped increase neurons or grew into other cells. Stem cells help produce new cells in the body and turmeric seems to enhance it.

When the turmeric extract was also injected into a rat’s brain, stem cells also proliferated and increased into neurons, according to Dr. Adele Ruger of the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany. So the thing is, you’ve got to have the brain of a rat for turmeric to work for you. Joke, just kidding. Ruger is also connected with the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine.

Cell Reproduction

That should be enough to see how turmeric is good for your brain health. Imagine an increase in neurons. That could improve memory and even help combat Alzheimer’s. And increasing other cells in the body could mean repair of organs and other body tissues.

More importantly, it can relax your mind—a relaxed mind is a powerful mind. Try mixing in kalamansi juice or honey.

So start drinking turmeric tea.

Where to buy turmeric? Actually, it’s easily available in wet markets in Manila, and it’s very cheap. We bought several pieces enough for my wife and I for only P20. We peel and boil them and P10-worth can provide you with mugs of it for 3 to 4 days. Turmeric looks like ginger, only thinner, probably as thick as your finger.

Where to Find Turmeric

It’s actually “luyang dilaw” in Filipino. There were lots of it sold in front of the National Housing Authority in Diliman one time I was there. Also available in Munoz Market, and I guess in most wet markets. It’s not something you have to climb 7 mountains for just to get it. We were surprised to see how market vendors readily pointed us to turmeric sellers in the market. This means it’s been a popular commodity, though few folks know of its health benefits.

Word of Caution

But consult your medical doctor or professional nutritionist before taking turmeric. I remember reading somewhere that you’re not supposed to take it daily. Twice a week is okay for most. Overdose of turmeric for long periods of time may result to some health risks, like ulcers or heart problems. Everything should be taken in moderation and proper dosage.

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Image above from Alivebynature.

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