Do You Really Need to Walk Out?

Health benefits of walking out. Yup, you read it right! Walking out has health benefits, so you should do it more often. And to do it more often, you should be less busy.

One day I was watching a Senate hearing on TV when one senator walked out because she didn’t like what was going on. But that’s not the kind of “walk out” I’m talking about here. I’m referring to taking breaks from work by leaving your work desk and your office and taking a leisurely walk outside. I often did that as a working student and when I was marketing director in a company.

Once in a while I stand up from my desktop and go out the door to take in some fresh air and scenery at our front porch. Sometimes I really step out to the street and take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. That gives me a fresh outlook about things and often gives me new ideas and breakthroughs about the things I’m writing about. But wait, there’s more.

Fresh Air

What air you often have in enclosed spaces is stale air, especially when you’re in an air-conditioned room where the same air is just recycled over and over again. So it’s healthy to go out and take in fresh air now and then. It clears up your mind and your lungs. Good for your heart, too. Better if you have a roof deck—go up there and take a good look at panoramic views.

One time, I couldn’t figure out why I was having a hard time putting an idea into writing. Was I getting dumb? Was it really this way when you were past 30? Was this the result of always working from home all alone with only Adam the ant and Mike the rat with you? Or was it because of the bland burger steak I was eating each lunch from the old eatery down  the street?

So I decide to go out for a while and take some fresh air. Then everything became crystal clear and easy to me. Turned out my brain badly needed some fresh oxygen.


When you drop everything awhile and walk out into the street, you get some workout that starts the blood and air circulation in your body going better. Don’t get trapped in the dormancy or inactivity that desktop writing puts you in for hours, even the whole day. Sometimes it’s deadly and may lead to serious illnesses. So what you do is simply walk out the door and hit the road walking. If possible, hike around the block. If the mall is within reach, go in and go up and down the stairs.

With more blood cells reaching your brain and supplying your brain cells with oxygen, the more you think better. This means your heart and lungs just got the impetus they needed to start working good again. You do this daily and watch your health improve. Writers and bloggers are supposed to be healthy folks with this habit.

Free Blueberry Cheese Cake Shake and Tuna Sandwich

One hot afternoon I was dealing with a difficult article and also starving myself because I couldn’t leave the job to take a break while it was yet undone. But I finally decided to leave and walk out the door. Walking past about 5 houses, I met Gary, a neighbor, who needed companion to try the new coffee shop in the village. And he was glad to take me. And I thought, why not?


I mean, if I hadn’t decided to walk out, I wouldn’t have met Gary and I wouldn’t have been treated to a tall glass of blueberry cheese cake shake and a huge, plump tuna sandwich.

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Image above from LinkedIn.

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