Relaxing the Mind Amid Troubles

It seems impossible. But actually all it takes is practice. And to practice it well, you have to be less busy in life. Yup, it’s possible to be relaxing the mind amid troubles. Just train yourself to calm down and rest your mind when troubles come. Soak into it quickly. It sounds too easy to be true, but it’s true. I’ve been doing it for quite a while.

The secret is not in trying it once or twice. It’s in making it a habit. Practicing it a long time. Practice makes perfect. Keep doing it until it becomes natural like breathing. It’s exactly why some folks call me Mr. Cool. They see how I keep cool even when under tremendous pressure, to the point that those who love getting agitated and panicky by troubles hate me for it. They think I don’t care or am too lazy to be panicky like them.

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Breathe Deeply

First, when troubles strike, breathe deeply. That relaxes you. Better yet, do regular slow and deep breathing exercises or do aerobic workouts so that when troubles come you’re ready. I jog or brisk walk aside from my other martial arts workouts. Heart and lung health has lots to do with keeping calm. I also meditate, and that comes with deep breathing. When troubles come, I can regulate my breathing and that reduces the tension.

God is in Control

This is the most important of all. When troubles come, firmly believe that God is in control. I mean, radically maintain it in your mind. There’s nothing in life that is not closely monitored by God, nothing that is out of his hand. HE IS GOD! If he allows something, he has a purpose, and the purpose is for some good. You may not understand it now, but just trust God and hope for the best. That has been my attitude even in extreme emergencies. Instead of worrying and panicking, keep calm, trust God and believe he is in perfect control.

It’s not enough just to agree with this mentally, You have to live it out daily. Live a life of resting in God, relaxing and trusting in Him. The joy of the Lord should be your strength.

There are Already Too Many Panicky People

Have you ever thought? The world is already full of panicky people, and we cannot all be like that when emergencies come. One day I realized this and decided I’d be a pacifier and peace-maker rather than among the panickers. And I determined to be that. In chaos or emergencies, someone should play the role of pacifier, assuring people that everything’s going to be alright or directing them somewhere safe, helping them get out of danger, leading them to safety. Majority of people freeze to inaction, get shocked or else panic when troubles come. I note that in dangerous emergencies. One time, someone was shot dead in a gasoline station I was hanging around in. I saw how the people around froze like statues. It was probably a minute or two before they ran away. Someone had to snap them out of it. Realizing this great need of being among pacifiers helps in relaxing the mind amid troubles.

Panicking Won’t Save You Anyway

You see it in movies. No one has ever been saved or become hero by panicking. Anyway, if danger should kill you, panicking won’t help you one bit. If you’re going to die, die gracefully. So, pray first of all. Trust God. Then just relax, keep calm and alert, and be ready for whatever happens. If something needs to be done, just do it quietly. And remember, whatever happens is for the good of all.

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Practice Not Making a Big Deal of Nothing

Some people make a big deal of everything, even nothing. They worry about things that don’t matter, like spoiled food or spilled chocolate M&M. They discuss and debate about what to do with them. If it’s spoiled, just throw it away. If it’s dirty, throw it away. If you still like to eat it anyway, then go eat it! Period. I saw a church that made a big deal of not having a printed program for their Sunday worship service. They all panicked. I said, never mind the program. Let’s just worship God!

I don’t even make a big deal of big things. One time, I was on my way to the mountains in Los Baños, Laguna for a camp. But it was a bit late when I started off and soon it would be dark. What if I got lost in the woods late at night? Where would I sleep? What if something happened to me there? At first it seemed a big deal. But later I told myself, “So what? Then I’d sleep under the trees!”

I was actually ready to sleep in the forest or by a path walk or knock on the door of one of the cabins I saw around. But because I trusted God, I was led to the camp site before nightfall. This happened to me twice. When you have developed the habit, it’s easy to be relaxing the mind amid troubles.

Should I tell you about how I saved hundreds of lives in a movie theater that was bombed in Quezon City when I was in college? I was able to keep them calm going out of the theater and save them all from a stampede because it had become a habit for me to be relaxing the mind amid troubles even at a young age.

Image above from Inc.Com.

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