3 Quick and Effective Ways to Get Back to Your Job Zest


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When you’ve not yet discovered how to be less busy in life and your job starts stressing you out (especially if an old job starts boring you to death), you may become a different person. You may transform into something scary to your boss and your co-workers. Boredom can change people for the worse.

When you’re new in a job—and especially if it’s your first job—you often have all the energy and enthusiasm you need for it. The thrill lasts for a while, often about 2 or 3 years, and then sometimes it wanes and almost everything becomes a bore. You drag yourself to work.

Rescue Yourself

Now, how do you get out of that spell? How do you get back to your job zest? Here are 3 quick and effective ways how:

1. Buy New clothes. Wearing something new for work (not too expensive ones) is a great and powerful way to perk yourself up each morning and get excited once more for your old job. It’s a worthy investment. Buy 5 sets of new shirts or polo shirts, about 3 pants, 3 pairs of socks. underwear, and new shoes. Even buy a new wrist watch, shades, and cell phone. If you do this once every 3 or 6 months, you may be able to beat job boredom or resuscitate your dying interest in it. Wearing something new—and especially new shoes—to work lends a shade of excitement and a bit of adventure to your otherwise¬†routine and banal daily job. It makes you feel good and handsome or beautiful.

2. Dessert Reward. Treat yourself to a little reward by buying yourself your favorite dessert at the end of the day. Do that for a week. What’s your favorite dessert? I mean, what do you really, really like eating? I know someone who solves his job boredom problems by spending sometime in his favorite cafe after office hours and take relaxing sips of his favorite brewed coffee. The place is cozy and cool, the seats are posh and comfy. He spends time there reflecting on good things and meditating short relaxing verses in the bible. If you have that incentive, it can effectively cushion off boredom or any problems that may arise during work. You can assure yourself during work that just a few more hours or minutes and you’re off to your favorite hideaway.

3. Organize a Snack Break. An organized snack break is where employees in a department or section all take something really tasty and interesting—pastries or sandwiches—to the office for snacks and for sharing to all. You can do that for lunch, too. Then, office would begin to look and feel like a picnic place for you during break times where you can have fun, share delicious food, and fellowship warmly with co-workers or team members—even with the boss! I organized this kind of snack break when I was a working student in my college days, and the bosses loved it! Our jobs became exciting again!

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