Being Less Busy to Ease Job Boredom

I know how boring an old job can be. I once had a job that bored me to death because it had nothing to do with what I really wanted to do in life. Worse, it didn’t make me less busy. The job required me to call up folks with cars and offer them insurance. I had to do that all day. It was somewhat lucrative, but I didn’t like selling car insurance—and most of all I hated bothering people calling them up just to ask if their cars were already insured.

So, how do you cure job boredom like that? One guy told me to just look for another job. Yes, but is there¬†another cure for job boredom besides quitting and applying for a new job? I also got so bored doing that. So one day I sat down to figure out how to prevent job boredom. And then I discovered something…


Did you know that food incentive is a good way to perk up interest for a hated job? Yup, another cure for job boredom! Everyday, treat yourself to a delicious lunch each time you do well at your job with genuine excitement. What I did was to work well and with a jolly spirit in the morning so I could reward myself with good chow at lunch time. So I looked forward to a delicious lunch, and to make that happen, I enjoyed doing my job. It’s pretty much a carrot-on-stick approach.


Image from ScienceFocus.Com

After lunch, my incentive to work well in the afternoon was a delicious dinner at home. I told my wife to cook up a delicious meal because I’d be doing well with my afternoon office tasks. My wife would play along and cooked me a good meal—my favorite. Nothing fancy or expensive. My wife would make sure that she’d do delicious cooking with whatever meal was available at home.

And it worked! I mean, my wife always came up with a delicious version of a simple meal I liked, like sinigang na isda (sour stewed fish) or just simple fried eggplant omelet dipped in soy and a squeeze of lemon plus small hot chili. So, with that incentive strategy, I survived most of the boring jobs that I had with high flying colors.

Love, the Best Incentive

Today, I don’t need any incentive because I’m doing what I love doing—writing—and especially blogging. Delicious food or otherwise, I feel happy and excited with my career which I also as a small home online business. Well, with my wife cooking, it’s always a rewarding meal after work even today.

Less Busy at Work

And do your best to be less busy at work. I mean, do your job as best you can but DO NOT overwork. Keep things simple and always think of ways how to do your job better but easier. That takes boredom away because you challenge yourself each task. You think of ways to make your work experience better and happier and yet practical and productive.

Imagine having to go to each prospect and present the insurance plan of the company he recently joined in. So, Mark had to set an appointment with each of his prospects and visit each of them either at home or at their office. It was a tedious process, especially with the traffic situation.

Then Jag, his friend, suggested something. Why not invite them all to an event and there present your business once and for all? Mark did that and made his work easier and more effective. Now, he had more time to do other things and spend more time at home with his family.

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