The Unreachable Stars

People change, and whether that’s good or not depends largely on who or what changed them. Money can change people, and again this can be good or bad, depending on how money changes you. If money changes your finances so you can now cope well with your expenses, that’s good. But if it makes your character rotten so that you begin to be hard to get along with (or you become an unreachable star), that’s bad.

Change You or Your Circumstances?

Only God should change you. Other things or people should only change your life circumstances. If you let them change you, the result often is an unreachable star—you change for the worse. You begin to be hard to reach. People, even your family and friends, can’t just come to talk to you—they need to set an appointment with your secretary. And you seldom laugh anymore because you have become sophisticated, high-handed and arrogant. You think too highly of yourself. You are up here and they are down there.


Image from God’s Surprising Treasures

Blessings are designed to change your life circumstances, not you as a person. You were hard-up on money before but now you can afford. But you’re the same person easy to get along with. You are the same old you that your family and friends have always known. They can talk to you casually anytime and they don’t need to set appointments for that.

Blessings Make You Supreme?

Unfortunately, sometimes some people let blessings build a high wall between them and other people. They begin to re-define relationships, and often it tells people how you are up here and they are down there. You feel you alone have the right to lecture them and all they can do is listen to you. You have become the great authority—untouchable and unreachable. Money, status, position, education, titles, degrees and prestige can do this to you, wreck you without you realizing it. All you think is that all these changes come with the blessings you received.

I appreciate medical doctors who text you back during emergencies, especially in the dead of night. You don’t know what to do so you text them for advices and they reply. But some doctors won’t give you advices for free. They won’t even text you yes or no. They’d have you visit their clinics so they can charge you.

Some folks also become unreachable stars when they’re hard to contact through their mobile phones or landlines. They just won’t answer it, intentionally ignore it, or leave their mobile phones carelessly anywhere and go some place else. It’s like a no-reply has become a status symbol—like you have become big-time if you are hard to contact. Or else, you reply but only with mincing words—like yes, no, or maybe. Sometimes blank. Well, some people are really too busy to text long sentences. That’s okay. But some are just plain feeling big-time. They get a kick out of being unreachable stars to people.

Best Change

Change is a must. We must all change for the better. And here’s the best way—let God change you and your circumstances. For instance, you become rich but you become meek. The more God makes you moneyed, the more you become poor in spirit. The more God promotes you and gives you abilities, the more you consider others better than yourself. The higher the position you are given. the more you become available to people, especially the lowly. The greater you become the simpler things become in your life—the easier it is to approach you, like God.

I was saddened to see how popular preachers take a back exit when they’re done preaching to avoid meeting the crowd that was excited to meet them in person and shake their hands. Jesus never did that. Multitudes of people pressed against him just to touch him and he just let them, even the unclean.

It’s sad when blessed people start to value the blessing more than the Blesser and keep the blessing to themselves (begin to see themselves too highly), and start being sophisticated and too busy to meet or connect with people.

But if you hate being an unreachable star, start with being less busy in life.

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