Everywhere, They’re Killing Us!

I realized it almost too late! I never really noticed them until I started being curious. And to get curious like this you have to be less busy nowadays and have more time to really look after yourself. They’re always around us and their presence has become part of the cityscape. In short, no one’s bothered about why they’re there. People patronize them without question. I also did so before I turned vegetarian.

Vegan is When You Get Dead Serious with Health

I’ve always been a health buff but it’s only recently I realized that you’re not dead serious about health and wellness unless you turn vegetarian. You can be fit and well muscled and attending gym regularly and taking all the effective and costly supplements, but if you still eat meat and lots of sugary food, you’re still not dead serious about health. You’re still playing around.


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To me, unless you’re vegetarian and particular about organic food, you haven’t appreciated wellness to the full. People think it’s summary executions and “tokhang” or dangerous drugs that they need to go against today. Nope. It’s wrong food.

They’re Everywhere!

One day while waiting for my wife to buy something from the grocery store, I looked around in the mall. Everywhere, they’re selling us sugar, fats, bad cholesterol and triglycerides—and people are buying them with gusto. They also sell us stuff bad for our kidneys and liver.

Just imagine food grilled on open fire (that produces lots of free radicals and carcinogens in food) and bread from refined white flour and lots of white sugar. Everything is fatty, with lots of oil from animal fat, plus the chemical seasoning loaded into them.

I discovered that most eateries use more and more chemical seasoning and flavors on their food for a more appetizing taste. I asked resto people and they told me their preference for artificial spices over natural ones. So few today use real sampaloc (tamarind fruit) to give their sinigang dishes a sour taste, for instance. They use chemical seasoning instead, especially those causing you kidney problems later. Even some big-time restaurants use them.

And it’s not just the restaurants and eateries. You go around and you see chemicalized and fatty food sold in bus stations, school and office canteens, along sidewalks, in community stores and groceries, snack bars and karinderias. Everywhere, they’re killing us.

Most meats and fats are derived from animals given shots of antibiotics and steroids that stay in their meats (and especially innards and fats) even after cooking. Imagine all these chemicals going into your body and accumulating there, waiting like a ticking bomb. Then I watch around people happily eating them, unaware of what they’d do to them eventually. Have you visited hospitals lately, especially lung center, heart center, and kidney center? Do you know why dialysis centers are popping up everywhere? It’s because everyday, everywhere, we’re offered deadly foods that are killing us.

Is Being Vegan the Answer?

Nope. Being vegetarian does not guaranty safety. But it can do wonders to your health. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are also applied on vegetables and fruits, but you have the option to go organic. You can opt to plant and raise your own vegetables. I have my own organic vegetable garden (click here for more details on organic vegetable gardens) Or, buy those which have been eaten by pests. Chemicalized vegetables are those that look perfect without any insect or pest bite marks.

You may also go organic on your choice of meats. There are organic eggs in the market.

The answer is clearly in being less busy to have more time to look closely at what you’re eating. Is your food heavily chemicalized? I so seldom eat white bread, cakes, pastries and ice cream. They’re loaded with sugar and preservatives that cause inflammation. I eat bread and pastries (like hopia) only if I have no other choice. It’s difficult to see really healthy food these days offered in eateries.

Being vegetarian is not the answer but it helps a lot, if you’re serious about real health. At least, their fibers aid in digestion, unlike meat and pork.

One medical doctor who’s also into alternative medicine (and a vegetarian himself) told us in a seminar that turning vegetarian solves 80 percent of the problem. And diseases are easily treated or even cured when you stop eating meat, pork, most fish and food with artificial seasoning.

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