Why Schools Don’t Teach Us About Money

I never knew about business or investment until I got married and had a kid, and I felt it was a bit too late for me then. If I had known about them when I was younger—say, when I was in college—I would’ve ventured into it probably even while I was studying. I would’ve put money in mutual funds. I was then earning quite a bit from my sidelines while schooling but I didn’t know where to put my money except in the bank or the movies. Most of it I spent on books and grilled food.


Image above from oivietnam.com

Schools generally offer academics and college courses—but not about financial education, particularly, real actual business and investment. We learn reading, writing, arithmetic, and later learn a course and how to be experts in the field of our interest. These are vital. But still, they don’t teach us about how to create excess money and how to make it work for us—which I believe is crucial for people from all walks of life.

If you’re a human being (and I’m sure you are), you need to know a lot about money. I mean, just look at this—it’s completely useless to learn about health and diseases and compassion for people and service to mankind and to God if you don’t have money. So, why do schools just teach about health, the economy, diseases, management, religion, government, politics, etc. and nothing on creating wealth? Much less on how to make our money work for us.

All they tell us (and what all people tell us) is that we need education so we can later get a good job. And jobs, no matter how good and high-paying, very seldom (or never) create excess money that will enable us to invest and create real wealth.

Investment is the key to wealth creation and financial freedom which everybody on the planet has the right to, rich or poor. Staying with our jobs and small businesses will never amount to anything except financial woes. We will never realize our full potentials with them. But we stick to them anyway. Why? Because nobody (not even schools and universities) taught us what’s really worth learning about money—how to create excess money for investments. How excess money can start working for us!

I know that not all of us can be rich. But at least, we can learn how to make extra money with some investment so we can be less busy in life, relax and do what we really want to do. Make our small money work a bit for us.

This is the key to financial abundance and freedom which God has made available to us. I hate seeing Christian organizations or churches soliciting money or asking for donations. Jesus and his ministry in the bible never did them. But the Acts church actually did a business—which bible schools and seminaries never teach about.

Employment and small businesses (which Robert Kiyosaki calls personal jobs) keep us in bondage to money. But if we go forward a bit more, we will discover that small businesses can be innovated to accumulate wealth so we can engage in investments. Big business is when we use people we need so we will no longer do the hard work. But investment is when we use our money so we no longer rely on a labor force we have to pay for or rely on hard work. That’s the goal—when we have made money a good servant.

More on this from Robert Kiyosaki. Watch the video below to learn especially about active and passive investors.

I got most of my financial education from investment videos I watch and business seminars I attend. The seminar at Sun Life financial was really great help, earning me a license as financial adviser.

But I hope schools, especially colleges, would soon include it in their curriculum (I mean, teach it like how Kiyosaki would), especially schools in Manila.

So, to answer the question, why schools don’t teach us about money. They’re probably afraid we may become millionaires someday and put up a better college which would compete against them. 😀

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