Royale Tagaytay Country Club

Several times a year my clan spends overnights at Royale Tagaytay Country Club in Buck Estate, Km. 69 along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway in Alfonso, Cavite. We find time to be less busy so we can relax here and enjoy the amenities. And it’s always my sister’s treat, being a club member. My kids look forward to the sports facilities and swimming pool but I’m just content with the cozy rooms and the clean restrooms all around.

What I Really Love about the Place

Royale Tagaytay has lots of special features and amenities and our kids often roam around the place to see them all or discover something new. Once, I led them in an adventure hike at night, about 11 pm, going around the vast quiet premises and even venturing in the dark, quiet, empty and lonely streets outside to see what possibly could happen. We love excitement like that.


But what I really love is the time the whole clan of 4 families, about 15 or more, huddle in the room and talk about funny stories and laugh our hearts out. Then we’d watch movies on cable TV until we gradually doze off one by one. I’m a guy so easy to please—air-conditioned room, nice bathroom and comfy bed—that’s all I look for in a place and you see me easily dozing off most of the time. By the way, the lofts are quite interesting sleeping areas because they add to the mountain-cabin experience.


A room loft.

If the toilet and bathroom in our room is fully booked, I can always go out and use huge common restrooms located almost everywhere complete with bathroom amenities. I know several ones which are seldom used and where I enjoy all the privacy and quietude I want. But sometimes, going there alone late at night can give you the creeps. You hear all kinds of eerie, almost spooky sounds which I know are often just the product of a naughty imagination.


Eerie Adventure One Night

But one night my tough eldest kid felt nature’s call and asked me to accompany him to a common restroom. So we went to one located on the ground floor adjacent to the golf course—my favorite, actually. “But the path to it is often darker than the others,” I warned my son.

Inside, we each picked our preferred cubicle and settled ourselves comfortably. Aahh! I just love nice restrooms! Then it happened. We heard light but audible stirring, like someone was making coffee and stirring it in a cup with a spoon. Someone drinking coffee in the restroom? Strange. Who could it be? We were sure there were only two of us there. “You hear that, son?” I asked. “Yup,” he replied. “It’s driving me crazy!”

After washing, we looked around the restroom to search for the mysterious coffee drinker. There was none. Instead, we saw a loose faucet dripping water on the loose metal floor drain below it. Each droplet made the metal floor drain dance around the hole it’s supposed to cover. That created the strange, spooky stirring sound. We felt relieved and smiled. But we felt strange, nonetheless.


I love the complimentary fruits they serve on your arrival, especially the slices of sweet Tagaytay pineapple. And the bananas. I also love the eat-all-you-can smorgasbord available at the restaurant. But I love it more when we eat out, especially at the LZM Restaurant (where the generous servings of beef bulalo and daing na bangus are superb and really tasty) at Silang Junction South, or Leslie’s somewhere in the same area, or the famous Mahogany Market along Mahogany Avenue.

I love traveling to these restaurants at night from Royale Tagaytay Country Club in our van while we share stories and stare at dark and foggy recesses outside trying to make out something in them. After dining and shopping a bit, we return to our room at Royale and resume our unending story-sharing and cable TV.

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