Raw Honey as a Powerful Antibiotic and Anti-Inflammatory Remedy

I’ve always loved honey since high school especially when mixed together with fresh milk. No other health drink can be more delicious. No wonder the Promise Land was nicknamed a land flowing with milk and honey. Besides, it gives a powerful dopaminergic effect that lends a feeling of well being and contentment, making you want to be less busy and relaxed, aside from its powerful energy and nutritive benefits. Imagine the combined nutrition of honey and milk.

Powerfully Antibacterial

But it’s not just the taste and nutrition. It’s also been observed in many lab researches that raw honey is a powerful antibiotic. Its antibiotic properties are effective both for topical and internal use. Raw honey especially has been found to possess “broad-specrtum antibacterial activity” against certain bacteria in the body. Here’s how a National Center for Biotechnological Information (NCBI) article put it:

Currently, many researchers have reported the antibacterial activity of honey and found that natural unheated honey has some broad-spectrum antibacterial activity when tested against pathogenic bacteria, oral bacteria as well as food spoilage bacteria.

In fact, certain honey types have been seen to be effective against no less than 60 bacteria species, including anaerobes and aerobes.

Topical Use

Against wounds and skin infections or irritations, raw honey can also act as a topical antibiotic. Being of thick consistency, raw honey builds a protective covering on wounds to prevent infection. It also maintains moist wound environment conducive to healing. Honey is also noted to help treat burns, skin ulcers and inflammation. It rapidly clears wounds of infection upon application. Most importantly, honey is said to hasten the appearance of new tissue over the wound.

The healing properties of honey can be ascribed to the fact that it offers antibacterial activity, maintains a moist wound environment that promotes healing, and has a high viscosity which helps to provide a protective barrier to prevent infection. There are many reports of honey being very effective as dressing of wounds, burns, skin ulcers and inflammations; the antibacterial properties of honey speed up the growth of new tissue to heal the wound.

It is important to note that raw honey, according to this NCBI article, has copious amounts of phyto-compounds like flavonoids and polyphenols which are natural powerful antioxidants.

Ulcers and Gastritis

Lastly, raw honey in particular has been traditionally used for treating gastritis and peptic ulcers, and this has been supported by modern studies. Again, honey can provide new tissue for damaged mucosa in the intestine and provide anti-inflammatory effects to ease gastritis.

The support for using honey as a treatment regimen for peptic ulcers and gastritis comes from traditional folklore as well as from reports in modern times. Honey may promote the repair of damaged intestinal mucosa, stimulate the growth of new tissues and work as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Where to Buy Authentic Raw Honey in Metro Manila

But the problem is where to buy genuine raw, wild honey in Metro Manila. A lot of honeys sold out there are either adulterated or fake. Well, I sell real raw honey I get from a friend in Davao City. To see details, please click here.

To see the NCBI article, click here.

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