Here’s How to Live a Simpler Life in a Complicated World

Tips for a simpler life—it’s interesting to read something with a title like this and seems easy to aim for. But very few people will actually live simpler lives after reading—because few folks see how a meaningful life is really a simpler life. Most folks think a sophisticated, busy life is meaningful—it’s attractive and looks productive. It’s as if no time is wasted.

But truth is, often the busier you are, the more time you waste and lose, time you should have used for what really mattered in life. And often, the more powerless and meaningless life becomes. Being busy and complicated make you look impressive, but don’t go for looks. Some busy people are also productive people, but most are just running around aimlessly. So here are tips for a simpler life.


Image above from Wod Armour.

Wake up in the morning relaxed. Lots of people feel productive when they start the day by getting up from bed hurrying up and beating some schedule. If that’s how your job makes you wake up mornings, and you want a simpler and more meaningful life, you better change job. Better yet, do a simple business you really love doing—a hobby for a business, for instance. Employment seldom makes life simple and meaningful. It works for some, but for the rest of us—it ought to be a business.

Keep a simple schedule. Don’t cram your day with tons of appointments, commitments, and things you must do or accomplish. That’s a surefire way of stressing yourself too much. And that offers zero mind relaxation. Two appointments a day ought to do it, and just give your best to whatever you’re doing. If that enables you to finish only 3 things a day, then that’s it. The thing is to have more time to do what you really want to do in life. Reserve more time for this. What I really want to do is know God more and read and write. So I make sure I have enough time for them daily. I cancel anything else that will make me too busy.

Walk with God. If you haven’t noticed, God is never in a hurry in the bible. He always takes his time. It took Abraham a hundred years before having a son. It took the Israelites (God allowed it and actually went with them) 40 years to cross a desert that could be crossed in 11 days. The exile took 70 years to return to Israel. It took some 400 years before Jesus the Messiah came into the scene. And Jesus’ Second Coming seems to take forever.

Yes, it only took 7 days for the whole universe to be created, but God said somewhere that a day to him could mean a thousand years. And he made sure he rested on the 7th. To God, relaxation is important.

Anyway, Enoch walked with God 300 years and then he was no more. God took him. I could see how Enoch lived a simple but meaningful life, and it was so meaningful that God liked him so much. Learning to walk with God daily simplifies things amazingly. It takes away non-essentials and makes you focus only on what really matters in life. What really matters in life? A simpler life lived with God daily. Doing what he really wants you to do. This is the best among less busy tips for a simpler life.

Never mind other “accomplishments.” As long as you’re walking with God and doing what he wants, you’re good.

You find a simpler life too slow? Well, the speed of light may be very fast, but the speed of LIFE is slow. That’s why God always says wait. They that wait on God always rise strong with wings like eagles. They do not struggle to gain height. They simply open wide their wings and let the wind carry them up. Very simple.

So there you have it—simple tips for a simpler life. The simpler life is, the more powerful and meaningful. Just like how being less busy is more productive, and how a relaxed mind is a powerful mind.

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