Kick Stress Out Now in 5 Fast Steps!

If you can’t believe you can be stress-free then at least be something in between stressed and stress-free. Be less busy! But what’s really worth doing at the moment is kick out stress for now. Maybe you’d be stressed again in the next hour but at least you get relaxed right now. Isn’t that something?

And you can actually do it in 5 fast steps.

Some professionals, like teachers and business people, cannot but be stressed out—and especially if you work with other people. Well, you can be less burdened by it if only you:


Image above from GermanPod101.

1. LOL! I do it often. I find something funny in what I do or in my surroundings and I mention it casually to my colleagues and we all laugh. If they don’t find it that funny, at least your dry joke changed the atmosphere somewhat—from stress to irritation. Any change is welcome at this point. I’m sure it took some load of stress off them, though replaced with annoyance. 😀

But even annoyance can sometimes start faces smiling or start people saying something light. You can do things seriously while also retaining your sense of humor. Believe me, it works. It’s definitely how to kick stress out at the moment.

2. Forget it! Do your work well and work well with other people. But frictions and disagreements are often unavoidable and sometimes even necessary. You cannot be all yes-men to each other all your lives. Someone has to present an anti-thesis for everyone to get a good synthesis. In that case, offense is often inevitable. If you get offended, just take it easy. Sure it hurts getting offended sometimes, but just shrug it off and go on being happy.

3. Forgive! Do it from the heart regardless of who hurt you. There is more to life than counting and recording your hurts. After a session of discussions and debates (but I hate debates), leave the scene without take-home hurts and offended feelings. It’s over and go on with a new chapter in your life. In this life, nothing matters except your relationship with God. All others, no matter how important they seem at the moment (even if they are vital to your job or business), are secondary. Often, I even tell myself they’re unreal. Everything in this world is a lie. Only God is real.

4. EAT! Every now and then leave everything behind for a while and go out and do what you want to do . In my case, it’s sulking with God in some remote, secret place or spending more time with my wife and kids and eating together. To me, that’s food for the soul. That’s eating. Or, sometimes I would take a long leisurely walk at the mall to look for sugarcane juice booths which I never find nowadays. Where are they anyway? Or eat an order or two of my favorite fried vegetable roll. Just don’t make the treat too expensive that it would result to another stressful problem, like eating unhealthy food or gluttonous eating.. Rewarding yourself now and then is how to kick stress out.

5. Seek the Word. Last but not least, seek refurbishment of zest for life. And you can only get this genuinely from the book of LIFE; the Word of God. I don’t care what religion you have—or if you don’t have any (better)—just grab the bible and start browsing. I suggest Psalms or Proverbs in stressful times. I do it regularly myself. It’s not only to kick stress out—it’s being less busy, mind relaxation. And a relaxed mind is a powerful mind.

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