Raw Honey and Effective Weight Management

It’s got to be raw honey. Most honey sold today are processed or heated or filtered. That gets rid of the natural and powerful nutritional benefits of honey. Imagine if all you’d get from honey is sugar. So, be less busy from now on and have more time to look for real raw honey—especially if you’re after effective weight management.

A health study at the San Diego State University discovered that replacing your refined sugar with raw honey helped a lot in losing weight and normalizing blood sugar levels. It may even lower triglyceride levels.


Image above from Nutrition by Erin.

Another health study done at the University of Wyoming found that raw honey can trigger hormones that suppress appetite and make your tummy feel full. No more urge to eat more, even if you’re right in the middle of an eat-all-you-can buffet! The study was done among women who ate breakfast with either raw honey or refined sugar. The result was in favor of raw honey, showing anti-obesity effects. For the source of the studies, click here. More honey details, click here.

Clear Distinction between Sugar and Honey

Imagine losing weight and having controlled eating or appetite, plus the bonus of normalizing blood sugar and triglyceride levels. What weight management can be more effective? And it’s all by simply using raw honey in place of refined sugar. How can anything be easier?

Well, raw honey also has sugar—glucose and fructose. But the good thing is that, honey does not contain just that. It has lots of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants beneficial to your health. Whereas all refined sugar has is, well sugar. Sweetness. Added fat for you. But if you have health problems, like blood sugar levels, consult your doctor first before taking raw honey.

Digesting sugar (and thus burning fat) requires the use of stored vitamins and minerals in the body. They also help dissolve cholesterol and fats. Thus, it is easy to see how raw honey, though also containing sugar, can balance the effects due to the rich nutrients it carries. And it’s also easy to see how refined sugar, having zero nutrition, can only make you fat.

Raw honey also helps keep your sugar craving to a limit. One tablespoon of it satisfies my sweet tooth.


But Where Can You Buy Raw Honey?

But where can you buy real raw honey, especially in Metro Manila? I’ve tried some commercialized “honey” which is really nothing but sugar syrup. Others are honey mixed with sugar.

If you’re in Metro Manila (or elsewhere in the Philippines) you may buy raw honey from me and it will be shipped to you (or somewhere near you) delivery free. I sell raw wild honey derived from Davao in the wilds of Mt. Apo. If interested, please click this link.

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