How Honey Kicks Stress Out and Keeps You Thinking Positive

Sometimes depression starts with distress. You get so frustrated and miss your marks so that you start to feel useless and feel like a loser. Distress starts off with a series of stressful moments. So what do you do to stop the vicious cycle? Dopamine and serotonin—activate them and you’d start feeling good about yourself, being more motivated. Dopamine, for instance, are neurotransmitters that has a lot to do with good and positive moods. Positive thinking. If you are depressed, you need some dopamine activated.

But how do we activate dopamine in neurons?


Image above from Cat Behavior Associates.

Simple—treat yourself to delicious food, for instance. What’s your favorite food? Most of us are thrilled about sweets. But indulging in food sweetened with refined sugar is unhealthy—even dangerous. So, opt for honey. And raw honey has lots of nutrients to offer you. Anyway, almost everybody loves honey.

I especially love raw, wild honey. You taste the sweet mixed flavors of wild plant and flower nectar—a kind of sweetness with a tinge of fruity sourness to tickle your taste buds and make you want for more. There’s definitely something saccharine and floral in the taste and something that you know will make you stronger after.

Thus, raw honey can tickle your brain neurons to release dopamine and serotonin to make you feel good no matter your situation in life. Take raw honey often and you need not worry about your health, unlike when eating food with too much refined sugar. Yeah, you’d feel good but it will take some toll on your health later.

Whereas taking raw honey, you get a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. You don’t need to take a lot—just mix some to your fruit juice or milk. Or take a tablespoonful, pure, twice or thrice a day. Put in cinnamon some for extra health benefits.

Lack of dopamine, by the way, may lead to Parkinson Disease, according to some studies. So before the ailment sets in, take enough raw honey regularly. Of course, everything should be taken in moderation. And I advice you to check with your medical doctor before taking honey, especially if you’re on medication.

But generally, raw honey is safe for almost everyone. I am allergic to lots of medicines but I can take raw honey.


I sell raw honey from Davao at P2,000 per 6 bottles, with free delivery if you are in Metro Manila. It is even packed in a nice plastic ware as show in the picture above, with no added charge. Our raw honey is unheated, unprocessed and unfiltered. You get real raw, wild honey at its best, with all the precious nutrients intact.

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