Lower Booking Rate at Enchanted Kingdom This Holiday!

Here’s your chance for you and your family to get less busy these coming holidays! And it’s about enjoying Enchanted Kingdom at lower rates! Just imagine—get park tickets 11% less than if you buy tickets as walk-in customers.

And all these only via TravelBook.Ph.

A ride-all-you-can treat on regular weekdays can be enjoyed for only Php 536, while weekend tickets for only Php 625. The rates include VAT and service charges.

Screenshot 2017-10-18 18.07.46

Flying Theater

Travel around the Philippines for just Php 714.00—all throughout 7,641 islands—via Agila: The EKsperience. It’s the first “flying theater” in the country that allows you an exciting, breath-taking multi-sensory virtual experience soaring high over the entire Philippine archipelago, as if aboard a giant bird or drone. This discounted single ticket, with a ride-all-you-can bonus at Enchanted Kingdom, is made possible only by TravelBook.Ph.

This TravelBook promo ends on October 29, 2017.


If interested, get more details through TravelBook.Ph:

Maria Katrina H. Lagrosa: 63 (920) 912-2762 / 63 (2) 662-1111- loc 1160. Or visit their site at http://www.travelbook.ph/tour/ for more.

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