Health Benefits of Laughing Alone

It’s not surprising anymore how laughter is good for the health. Health experts attest to it. But problem is, you always need someone to laugh with. So, the health benefits of laughter is possible only when in company with others.

But what if you’re all alone most times? Like me—I work from home and all my family members leave home to work in some faraway office. So I’m left alone most of the day. How can I get the health benefits of laughter? Should I laugh alone? Should I invite a friend over so I could laugh with him?

Well, the good news is, it’s okay to laugh alone—as long you have funny reasons to do so. If you don’t, consult a doctor right away.


Image above from MutipleSclerosisNesToday.Com

Health Benefits

You see, laughter gives you good cardiovascular breaks; triggers endorphins that give feelings of well-being and happiness; it eases pain; lessens stress hormones; increases immune cells; helps fight infection; improves resistance to diseases; and relaxes facial muscles for delayed aging.

Best of all, laughing out loud burns a lot of calories and helps you lose weight. What more can you ask for? No wonder lots of comedians are fat and their audience slimmer. Comedians take care never to laugh at their own jokes—and forfeit themselves of the health benefits of laughter.

Now, if you can laugh alone, you get all these many times a day in the comforts of your home—or anywhere you are. You don’t need companions around to laugh with you. You get the health benefits anytime you want. If you can’t be alone most of the time, learn how right now. And then learn to laugh alone.

How to Laugh Alone

At first it’s difficult to do it without feeling stupid. But then, that’s exactly it! It’s stupid laughing alone! Isn’t that funny? So laugh alone, and when you feel stupid, you’d laugh more. Love to laugh at yourself. Which brings us to our second tip.

Laugh at yourself. If you’d just take out some of your self dignity and formality for a while and look at yourself in the mirror, you’d see about a thousand and one reasons to laugh alone. So, I’d feel sorry for you if you have everything on your face perfect. Blessed are the ugly, then 😀 . Just kidding. But seriously, I love laughing at myself, especially at my mistakes. All mistakes can be funny, depending on how creative you are.

Third, I often take breaks from work and watch funny videos or movies online. A lot of seriously scary movies are funny to me (and I sometimes cry watching really funny ones). If you laugh alone many times a day, everyday, think of the health benefits! Think of the body fats you burn. Think of the age marks you get rid of.

So try it today. Go to your room, lock the door behind you, and laugh out loud all you want. And do it daily.

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