Best Comfort Food Ever

Often you get tired of sophisticated food. They’re expensive, anyway. If you cook them yourself, they take so much time, and often you end up cooking them the wrong way. So, we often seek refuge in our favorite comfort food. Thank God for them.

And mine is my family’s all-time favorite scrambled eggs with fried rice. But sometimes the sunny-side-up version tickles my appetite, especially when partnered with smoked dried fish (tinapa) or salted dried fish (tuyo). I want it soft-cooked, with the yolk tender and oozing when pressed. And the white part half-cooked or malasado. And then you garnish that with boiled camote leaves side dish and some tomatoes. Oh and yes, you have a special vinegar dip with crushed garlic and native chili. Reminds me of how dad used to cook them.

This arrangement is especially appetizing during cold weather, often from September or October to February. But I don’t care if it’s a hot summer even. It’s an all-time favorite.

My dad even had a special scrambled egg recipe with sauteed tomato filling. He rendered the tomatoes melted and oozing with its natural sauce in oil. Sometimes he used all onions in the filling. Either way, it was superb for any meal. Other simple meals like tapa or tusino were also okay, but I loved dad’s scrambled eggs with tomatoes better. Fortunately, my dear wife cooks it the same way!

langonisa and egg

Who wouldn’t feel mouth-watery with fried scrambled eggs and native, traditional longganisa (native sausage) as grandma made it—no preservatives, no extenders, just pure ground pork and natural spices? Just like Cabanatuan garlic longganisa. If you haven’t tried this, you’re missing one half of your life.

As a kid, I’d pour over some of the oil used in cooking langgonisa over hot, steaming rice and then pour a dip concoction of vinegar, fish sauce (patis) and crushed garlic. That made the whole thing (longganisa, scrambled eggs, fried rice and all) more tempting. It was a good thing I was an active kid then. I easily burned all the calories and fat.

Today, I wouldn’t dare do any of that. My breakfast often consists mainly of a little rice and two bananas. Believe it or not, nowadays that is “comfort food” to me. Sometimes I add in a boiled egg. Sometimes I feast on stewed pechay leaves with tofu floating on it. I “crave” for these foods when I’m starving or when I need some food tripping to ease my stress.

I have stopped eating meat, pork and chicken for 4 months now, and plan on living this way the rest of my life. I’m not exactly vegan—I see myself more as “organic” although I still have a long way to go in being purely organic with my food. Do I miss my erstwhile comfort food? Umm, not really. I enjoy watching my sons eat them and recall my childhood and teenage years, but I don’t crave for them. I’m really enjoying my bananas and pechay leaves and floating tofu. Honestly. I don’t “suffer” eating them as some people think.

I always think of the future prospects of a meatless diet—being less prone to diseases. That makes vegetables and fruits super appetizing to me.

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