Life of a LIKER

I’m not a yes man, but I’m a liker—I LIKE a lot of posts on Facebook. I don’t care if the guy posting is not a close friend or not even an acquaintance. I don’t care if I don’t find him or her agreeable. I’d just like them. I know people who’d never like posts they don’t agree with. “Why should I like something I don’t agree with?”

But liking doesn’t always mean agreeing. I may like the mohawk hairstyle (I honestly do) but that doesn’t mean I’d wear the hairdo myself. I may like the way you decorated your cake with icing but that doesn’t mean I’d eat it. I hate cakes. And just because I liked the way you surfed at the beach doesn’t necessarily follow I like surfing.


Image from Beth Hayden.

Liking has various meanings, actually:

You liked what he did. For instance, he cooked pork recipes like it was an art, although I don’t eat pork. I also like watching bartenders juggling bottles of wine in the air. But it doesn’t mean I love wines or love drinking. I once watched a little girl do a hula hoop dance with unbelievable skill that I hoped so much she’d win the competition. It didn’t mean, however, that I loved hula hoop or I’d be dancing it, too. It meant I just liked what she did.

There were times when I liked posts on quotes by Buddhist monks, communists or atheists although I’m a Christian. Liking doesn’t mean agreeing with the entire belief or ideology. You may agree with them on certain points that do not contradict your beliefs, like if a Buddhist shares how beautiful the sunrise is and likens it to how wonderful life is. Why wouldn’t I like that?

Encouragement. Liking posts is a way of encouraging friends to go on doing the good thing they’re doing. I may like posts by a friend who is in a parlor business though I don’t like the business one bit. Liking is a way of saying, “Keep up the good work!” Moreover, there’s a chance that liking a post would make it visible to your other friends and help promote your friend’s business. Don’t just think of your own interests. Help friends with theirs.

Help your friend. And since I have mentioned about making the post visible to your other friends, yup, liking is a way of spreading the good word around so your friend is helped with what he’s trying to promote online. When someone posts about someone being sick, I “like” it not because I like them getting sick, but because I want my other friends to see the post and help pray for the sick guy.

I’m an appreciative person. I like appreciating even small things people achieve or do for other people. Or simply appreciate their thoughts for the day. By nature, I’m a good listener and I guess I carry that over online with friends on FB.

There are folks on FB who very rarely like others’ post but who expect everyone to like their posts. They probably feel only their posts are important. They want everyone to listen to them but rarely, sincerely listen to other people. You know, that superstar mentality?

They are also most likely intolerant of other people’s posts and opinions. If they don’t agree with your post, they’d confront you about it right on your wall and won’t stop till you take your post down or tell them, “Sorry for my unworthy post. Yes you’re right. You’re really so smart.” Yup, they are also often arrogant and self-conceited, even self righteous, thinking they alone have the monopoly for rectitude.

The bible says, “Consider others better than yourself.” Also, “encourage one another.” If these principles are embedded in your heart, you should practice them on social networks as well. That’s why I’m a liker.

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