“Happiness” that Really Empties Your Life


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Believe it or not, there’s happiness that really empties your life. It makes you smile and laugh but terribly empty inside. The real problem is, people often do not know that this “happiness” is what makes their lives empty. They take more of the “medicine” that makes their emotional illness worse.

It’s like fattening food. There are foods we think help us lose weight but they really don’t. In fact, they make us fat. Like bread. I’ve seen folks eat bread instead of rice to lose weight. Or noodles. Compared to bread, I’d go for rice anytime. At least rice has some fibers. Bread has zero fibers and makes you fat faster than rice does. Just limit your rice. But some people wouldn’t believe.

Exactly what fake happiness does. Yes, it makes you happy, makes you laugh—for now—but it just makes things worse for you. And affected people do not believe. That’s why I don’t just do anything “as long as it makes you happy,” as a lot of people today put it, especially showbiz people. Illicit drugs can make you happy, but it doesn’t mean it’s okay. It empties your life.

Here are signs the “happiness” you have actually makes your life empty:

1. It’s so temporary. Fun from shopping addiction lasts only a day, at most. After that, you need to shop more. So with womanizing and smartphone addiction. It’s okay to shop now and then or use your smartphone when you need to (but womanizing can’t be done even just a little bit, mind you 😀 ). But when it begins to be addiction, it destroys, and you don’t even notice until it’s too late.

2. It enslaves you. True happiness frees you. If you cheat on your spouse and see someone else, it’s not true happiness, though it may lend some short-term fun. You’d get trapped, and the more you do it the deeper the entrapment.

3. It destroys something eventually. It may look good now but not later, or after some time. Showbiz sometimes makes annulment (or divorce) and re-marrying look good. They show on TV how the people affected actually live happily ever after. They even call it God’s blessings. But be sure of this—if something runs contrary to God’s will expressed in the bible, the fun won’t last.

Worse, it may even destroy something eventually, like the characters and lives of the children affected. The side effects may not show now, but sometime, somewhere it will. You cannot break God’s law and get away with it unrepentant. The tragedy is that, your descendants may reap the consequences later when you aren’t around anymore. It happened several times in the bible. There were even times when even after repentance, the consequences remained.

Here’s what true happiness is like:

1. Happiness is always turned to joy. Joy permanently makes you feel good. If you make your spouse and kids happy (especially in God), that’s true happiness.

2. It’s free and it frees you. True happiness is free—the smile of a loved one, an answered prayer, miraculous healing, family bonding, time alone with God, a smacking kiss from your child. And it frees you of aches and stress and worries. The saying is still true—the best things in life are free.

3. It builds up. True happiness leads to better things. Better licit relationships, better understanding, better character, better standing with God.

4. It solves problems. Instead of add or worsen problems, it solves them.

More on real happiness: it keeps you simple and easy to please. It keeps you from “high” goals and standards and instead helps you be satisfied and happy with what your best resulted to.

Some people are “happy” when they beat high goals in life, and then make higher goals the next time, and so on. But sometimes, later in old age, they lose the happiness and begin to change for the worse. They also make life difficult for those around them—those who don’t pass their high standards. The happiness they thought they had was just temporary, even deceiving. And they die sad and regretful.

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