It’s Not Too Late to Start Being Healthy. Here’s How


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Lots of folks ask me if they still have hope of being healthy after almost a lifetime of squandering health. “Sure!” I say, like it’s nothing serious at all. “You mean, even flatten my bulging tummy?” they ask. I look at their tummies and feel like saying sorry. But I always believe that nothing is impossible with God.

Yup, sometimes bulging tummies are desperate cases needing nothing less than divine intervention. I have a bit of bloated tummy now and then because I still need to fix some problems with my leaky gut, but during normal times my tummy is real flat, sometimes even showing off some abs. And even in my bloatedness, my tummy is still nothing (almost unnoticeable) compared to others’ pot bellies, even people lots younger than I am.

To top it all, I have normal BP, normal cholesterol and sugar counts, and take no maintenance medicine, even at 57. Well, actually, it’s all by God’s grace. Healthy diets and exercise alone do not really determine good health. It’s God’s gift. I know people who eat healthy and exercise and yet suffer chronic ailments. And I’m also not saying that faith can always ward off sickness. Paul was sick when he first came to Galatia: As you know, it was because of an illness that I first preached the gospel to you, 14 and even though my illness was a trial to you, you did not treat me with contempt or scorn.” [4.13-14]

Nonetheless, it pays to keep healthy.

Discard Meats

My first advice is to discard meats (beef and pork), or at least decrease your consumption by 75 to 80 percent and then gradually down to zero consumption. At present, I eat a little bit of salt-water fish (with scales) and only a few times a week. I’m some sort of pescatarian, vegetarian who eats limited fish now and then. If you can do this, you can expect major changes in 3 weeks. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

There was a time when God gave man a vegetarian diet. Man lived hundreds of years and died of very old age, not sickness. But when God decided to shorten man’s lifespan to 120 years, he let him eat meat, although meat then was always organic, unlike today. They inject growth hormones and steroids and antibiotics in animals today and those chemicals stay in the meat when you eat them.

Watch Your Carbs Intake

Carbs is what really makes you fat and pot bellied. But you can’t get rid of it totally from your diet. All nutrients, including carbohydrates and fat, were created for a purpose. But they should be taken in healthy proportions only. I get my fats from fruits (avocado) and salt-water fish.

I eat minimal rice. I used to eat a lot of it. But I discovered that you can teach your body to eat right gradually. Later, you’d find that you normally eat less if you’re a vegetarian. Sometimes I eat no rice at all, especially at supper. Don’t think eating bread or pasta is better than eating rice. At least rice is not processed and still have some fibers. I’d rather eat rice.

STOP SMOKING! Here a healthy substitute.

You’ve got to stop smoking. Smoking will harm you, whether with many or few sticks a day. Just stop it. And don’t substitute it with candy or vape. Both candy and vape have dubious effects and they have ZERO nutrition. But here’s good news. Raw honey is the best and healthiest substitute for cigarettes. To stop vices or addiction, you need strong and intelligent microbiome in your body system. Microbiome plays an important part in influencing our genes and our thinking process. Experts say, raw honey is ideal for this.

And besides, raw honey is super nutritious. And I happen to sell wild, raw honey derived from the forests of Mt. Apo in Davao. Message me thru the Contact Form below for details or PM me on Facebook. More on Mt. Apo (raw) Honey here.

Above All

Have a medical checkup today and ask your doctor about the proper diet and exercise for you. And it’s always good to start getting spiritually healthy as well. Start reading your bible (starting from the Gospel according to John) and pray.

Natural News: More on raw honey to stop smoking.


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