Staying Slim Amid All the Delish Food this Christmas. Here’s the Secret


Image from 10 Deals.

Before I turned vegetarian, I was able to enjoy delicious food without getting overweight. They said it was my metabolism, but there was a time I ate too much and became really overweight. So it’s not really a matter of metabolism for me. It’s control.

I loved Christmas meats—hotdogs, hams, bacons and other special and delicious meat dishes. What I did was to enjoy all of them, taking little bites of this and that. And I disciplined myself with it, making sure I didn’t cheat, eating only to get a taste and satisfy my curiosity. Often, this meant 2 to 3 small pieces the size of a peso coin.

The thing was, I didn’t deprive myself of enjoying a taste of everything. And it worked. I never became overweight like the rest of humanity I saw around me. My goodness—I saw men with excessive protruding tummies like they were pregnant and ready to give birth to a cow.

Of course, it also always came with workouts. I brisked walked or jogged regularly aside from my push-ups and martial arts shadow boxing. But the major thing was really controlled eating which wasn’t food deprivation or starvation but disciplined eating. I think it boils down to that.

And I drank lots of water. Water helps give you a feeling your tummy is full so you’d eat less, aside from helping you with digestion and detox. And I ate lots of fruits and vegetables for fiber. Fiber keeps you from gaining weight. The problem with a lot of fat folks today is hating vegetables. Almost all fat people I interviewed said this. No wonder they’re overweight.

Dietary fiber also makes you feel tummy-full and keeps you feeling that way longer, so you’d eat less in-between snacks.

So here’s the secret—just determine to have a taste of meats and pork. Just a tiny bite. And mix in a lot of veggies so you’d feel full. Go very easy on desserts and other carbs (I often ignored desserts because they made you fatter than meats and pork did) and eat fresh fruits first before anything else. Never eat fruits last because that will make you fat. No kidding.

And quit drinking softdrinks, soda, shakes, bottled tea or powdered juices. Water is the best.

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However, I recommend you turn vegetarian. You can eat all you want and still stay slim and healthy. Plus a bigger chance you won’t need maintenance meds (but make sure your medical doctor tells you this. Never decide on your own). And remember, God doesn’t want gluttony. When you’re satisfied eating, stop. Stay healthy and alive to enjoy next year’s Christmas.

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