Will Getting Less Busy Make you Lose or Gain Weight?


Image from Bossed Up.

I’ve met folks who fear retirement because they say it’d make them fat and sickly. The sudden change from being so busy to less busy would “shock” their bodies and have bad effects on their health, they add. They think retirement or being less busy means you stay idle at home doing nothing but sit on the sofa and watch the seconds on your clock tick away.

And they think that the daily grind getting to the office through heavy traffic and pollution and their busyness at the office are what make them healthy, less sick and less fat—and sometimes look younger. They think. But go to most offices today and watch how some folks look like—how work stress has devolved them through the years, making some of them look older than they really are and not notice it.

Once they retire, they’d have more time to open their eyes to reality and see how being busy with work made them fatter with age. They also begin to feel the illnesses that developed silently inside them through the years. Then they blame it all on retirement.

Often, retirement coincides with the endurance limit of your body so that you blame retirement solely for all your health woes, especially your being overweight. But actually, the bomb started ticking long ago at age 25 when your metabolism and immune system started waning and plunging, especially because you became less athletic. People athletic in their youth gradually lose time for athletics as they find themselves more immersed in work.

You couldn’t do anything about it because you were busy with work and you didn’t know it. And why would you? Retirement was still several decades away! It was farthest from your concerns. We think only retired folks get old and sick and should worry about weight loss and illnesses, not realizing it all started when you got too busy with work when you were lots younger.

Funny how most people become health conscious only when retired or seriously ill. But as long as retirement is still a long, long way off, anything goes. So you busied yourself in work and abused your health, eating anything, staying up late and with zero exercise—because you thought being busy, like running all over the work place, was some kind of an exercise. You thought that made you fit. So you equated busyness with exercise and thought it resulted to health, vigor, weight control and youth.

Actually, if you had retired earlier, you would have looked and felt better. Even slimmer. Busyness has a way of blurring the way you look at yourself. You think you maintain your weight but actually you gain weight slowly but surely. But busyness makes you think you’re still the same slim guy, until you realize too late. You don’t see it now because you’re too busy. If you had retired earlier, you’d have enough time noticing everything and enough time for checkups. Enough time to correct things.

Being less busy doesn’t mean you become idle. It means you become less busy with things that aren’t really important so you can focus more on those that are. Office work is only important as long as you’re part of the office. But really, it’s not essential to life. It’s not your life. You only think so because you walled yourself in within the 4 corners of your office for years or decades. You think it’s your world.

You’d find out later that there’s real life after employment—or after you escape it, or after you finally free yourself from your office. If you just find time to seek out an alternative livelihood now—especially one where money serves you instead of you serving money—you’d see the value of being less busy. And you’d have more time realizing how fat you’ve become or how unshapely.

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Less busy is so you have more time getting healthy—well, being a better person in general, actually. Work or employment is important but only for a time. Yeah, you need to be exposed to co-workers, teamwork, cooperation, submission and proper human relations. But you need to get out from all that after a time and start working for yourself. You have to stop working for someone else and wasting your time and energy just helping him get rich. There’s a time for everything.

Most retired folks do get overweight and sickly. Why? Because they retired with their bodies all used up and too old to recover. Some became lazy after retirement. You should get back to your own life while still young so you have effective recovery time. And for this to be possible, you have to plan for early retirement. Find a way to have your money serving you soon, in time, so you can retire early. Find some investment.

Oh yeah, believe me. Losing weight has lots to do with making an investment now that would help you retire early and get less busy in life so you can do what really matters.

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