You Need This Stress to be Healthy


Image from American Psychological Association.

Everything has a specific use. They’re there for a reason. You just have to see their purpose and use them accordingly. But remember, they have specific purposes and their use has a time limit. You cannot drink formula or breast milk alone all your life, for instance. And you can’t limit yourself to reading nursery books.

God created stress for good reasons. He allows it in your life from time to time. As I’ve said somewhere in one of my blogs, there’s good and bad stress. Good stress keeps you giving your best shot at things and it’s healthy. It works for our wellness. Bad stress is distress, period. It triggers everything negative in your body and is dangerous for your health.

Sometimes, you are distressed because of other people’s doing. Yup, unfortunately that can happen. But it’s always in your control to turn distress into good stress. But if you let it control you, then you’re on your way to deeper troubles. I hope you enjoy the journey. It’s going to be tough.

8193dzhqoal-_sx522_Distress that controls you begins with discontentment. You never have enough. You always want more. Why? Because you always need to prove your worth, that you’re the best or greatest, for instance.

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Or, in your subconscious, you’re probably covering up something in your life so you always find something to be busy with and get distressed by that. And those you work with also suffer the same distress sooner or later. This is what we’d like to kick out here on Less Busy.Me. Unnecessary stress. This stress kills.

Good stress is when we face life’s challenges as they come. We don’t create or invent the challenges. God presents them to us. Remember Job? It was not his own doing that the tremendous stresses in his life (specially his three friends) came. He was extremely stressed but not distressed.

Distress won’t let you just sit down in a corner calmly figuring out what God is trying to do in your life. It’d probably make you blame everyone. Not Job. Instead, his friends and wife blamed him.

But the guys who built the Tower of Babel were discontented people. They wanted to make a name for themselves. They created the stress they suffered. That God-sent distress later caused their misunderstanding among themselves and they walked out from each other.

Good stress also ends in satisfaction. When the ordeal is done, you’re done. You just sit back and relax like Job did, basking in God’s goodness. You don’t look for another source of stress. Other people are so addicted to stress they crave for it. They think of ways to be stressed out. But you just sit still there and know HE is God. You just rest. You don’t need to showoff and prove you’re so good or better than others.

However, stress is not designed to stay in your life. Jesus said, “In this world you will have troubles. But cheer up! I have overcome the world!” There should be a point of overcoming, a point where stress can’t bother you anymore. Yes, they’re there, but they’ve become harmless to you. This is what Less Busy.Me tries to help people with.

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Emotions are good, both positive and negative. We should learn good things from them, especially the negative ones. Hardships and sufferings are designed to mold and strengthen us. We should welcome them. But truth is, Jesus aims to someday soon get rid of the negatives from our lives as well. He came that we may have life, and have it abundantly. He himself suffered stress and anxiety, but he conquered them all.

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. [Revelation 21]

As we welcome pain and stress (and relish how they make us feel) for now and turn them to our advantage (we should become experts at this), we also excitingly look forward to overcoming them all, not in the hereafter, but in this life, given Christ’s promises in the bible. This is real wellness.

Imagine being persecuted or cursed by your enemies and you willingly bless and pray for them. No stress. If someone takes your cloak, you willingly give your clothes as well. If someone tells you to walk a mile, walk two miles. You don’t do them grudgingly. You rejoice doing them. This is genuine wellness. This is what I mean by “kicking out stress” here. Good stress is good but after a while we need to kick it out of our system.

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