Real Story Behind Why You Can’t Lose Weight


Image from Co2 Factor.

Okay, the real story is, climate change and the recent Super Blood Moon are why you can’t lose weight. How we wish this were so—I mean, we often look for other things to blame for our inability to lose weight. And sometimes in our desperation we’ve come to the point where we can blame anything in sight.

But the real story behind it is the kind of life available to us today. It’s hard to lose weight with the kind of life stress we have (work and family included), the kind of food often available (they serve nothing in restos and fastfoods but spicy, fatty and carby food stuff), social media (where we always see images of delicious food passing by our wall plus the restaurants where they’re available), fast food delivered right to our doorstep with a few clicks of our smartphone, the dozens of smorgasbord or eat-all-you-can buffets offered everywhere, and the abundance of carb-rich, sugary food at low prices (buy a box of doughnuts or pizza and get another box of it free).

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See? That’s the real story behind it all. It’s just too impossible (well, okay, almost impossible) to lose weight all the way and permanently in these trying times. And on any TV channel you turn to there’s always some food trip program or cooking demo or survey going on. They’re everywhere!

Okay, so you decide to get out of it all by watching horror movies instead. There couldn’t be any tempting, mouth-watery food scenes in scary films, right? But then you watch a zombie movie where swarms of meat-devouring walkers do nothing but that—devour fresh meat. I don’t know about you, but that can either tickle my appetite or make me starve.

We live in a modern world where anywhere you turn they tempt you to eat and drink. I think it’s some kind of a conspiracy. My guess is that it’s a racket between food and beverage companies and weight loss supplement companies. First, they prod you to eat. Then they sell you weight loss supps. Perfect marketing plan.

Seriously, it’s really the nature of modern life and the pace we’re made to live daily that’s behind it all. Often, we find ourselves trapped in a corner with no other option but to go with the tide. I’ve watched how most folks who go through the troubles of losing weight gain some good results for a while but then end up where they started again.

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I mean, how can you prepare weight loss recipes everyday when you’re dragged by the corporate life here and there from sunrise to sunset? Even if you tire yourself out at the gym everyday, it wouldn’t do you good if you don’t couple that with healthy diet. And if you can’t afford to be less busy as a lot of folks can’t today, your only meal option is to eat out—in some street corner eatery or fast food store or cheap restos that offer nothing but oily food they fried in vegetable or soy bean oil, or else in overused or recycled cooking oil—all of which make you doubly fat inside and out.

Even their vegetables are oily and mixed with suspicious-looking pork slices. Nothing is purely vegetarian or really healthy anymore. They’re all fakes.

How did I lose weight? Couple of months ago I decided to be vegetarian for good. At first I managed to boil fresh veggies. But a hectic sched gradually prevented me from doing that (though I’m still less busy these days) so that later, I had to compromise and eat at street-corner stores near us where the food selections, even vegetables, are oily. And they often try to sneak in ground meat in veggies to trick me. So I always screen and filter what I eat.

But I lost a lot of weight. I may not be eating purely vegetables (I know they fry veggies in animal fat oil and also mix in pork and beef pieces to their veggie menus) but whatever meat content the veggie menus have is considerably lessened because I get rid of all the meat and pork from them. These days you have no choice. But you can do something to lessen the impact considerably.

Well, there are days when I have time to boil okra, eggplant, saluyot and sweet potato and eat them just like that, plus raw cucumber. Okra, cucumber and sweet potato work wonders for me, by the way. And I maintain my lean body and ideal weight of 155 pounds. I compromise a bit, yes, but I stay with the bulk of the regimen in general. And so far, I get good results. Yup, God’s good.

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