The Power of Appetite, Not the Appetite for Power


Image from Muscle Monsters.

Success starts from appetite. Unless you see a task as something “delicious” you won’t go after it. Robert Kiyosaki had an appetite for what he saw in his rich dad. Jack Ma had an appetite for business and did everything to overcome all the hurdles he went through until he landed so successfully on e-commerce.

Appetite does not just keep us going. It keeps us aiming for the next level. But it’s not the levels per se that we really want but the new things we see from up there. Appetite for power is just after the levels. They just want to be higher than everyone else. But people who realize the power of appetite use it to propel themselves higher to see a wider area of the panorama. The aim is to see more broadly. And then they share the experience and help others up.

It’s Not the Food

Some folks are choosy about food. They rely on delicious food wetting their appetites. Without delicious food they lose their passion to eat. We don’t live to eat but we need to eat well to live. That passion for eating helps us live well. Eating excitement makes us eat anything, delicious or otherwise. And healthy food almost always fall under the “otherwise” category, and the unhealthy under the “delicious” category.

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It’s vital to eat quality, healthy food. But often, it’s not the food but the appetite that makes us healthy. I can’t explain it, but I always have good appetite for food—any food—even today when I’ve turned vegetarian. I loved tasting even food that were strange to me—stingray or snails cooked in coconut milk, frogs, raw fish in vinegar and onions, wild mountain ferns and herbs, gull or bile extract from cows or goats, the like. I also learned to love ampalaya and its super bitter young sprouts. I ate lots of them.

The point is, with this active appetite, I ate all kinds of food and it made me healthy. I ate both healthy and unhealthy. If not for this appetite, I would’ve probably opted only for delicious but unhealthy food all my life. See? My mom could’ve served all the healthy foods in the world on our family dinner table, but without the appetite, all that would just go down the drain. I would’ve opted only for hotdogs, junk shakes, junk food and anything with tons of sugar in them, just like what most millennials love today.



And because I ate everything with gusto (even yukky tasting but healthy food), I was stronger and healthier than most of my contemporaries. I was small and slim in my high school and college years but I beat a lot of bigger guys in sports. Once during college, there were two big foreigners who tried my muscle strength against theirs and they didn’t stand a chance.

You see the power of appetite?

Being vegetarian, I have great appetite for all kinds of vegetable dishes. I mean, I enjoy and am very excited to devour any vegetable dish I see around, even strange looking ones I have never tried before. Even those with repulsive flavor. I don’t care. Can you eat raw ampalaya leaves? I just eat them like they’re roast beef or fried chicken. I love plain, sour yogurt, too.

Best Appetizing Food Dishes

God’s Blessing

Appetite is one of God’s unnoticed blessings that often goes unthanked for. We take it for granted that we love doing certain things or have inordinate love for certain accomplishments or  endeavors. Appetite makes us start things with enthusiasm and drives us to finish them to the last.

Not only that, but appetite has lots to do with recovery from sickness and healing. God uses it for recouping lost strength and energy or refilling us with fresh ones. It’s a wonderful miracle how food begins tasting sweet and mouthwatering again after days of losing your appetite due to an illness when even delicious food tasted bland.

And appetite makes tedious tasks look gourmet. A workaholic, in fact, is a glutton for work. He sees it as quadruple cheese burger with lots of tomatoes and lettuce plus a matching vanilla shake on the side. We wonder why they dive headlong into an ocean of work each day while some of us do everything in our power to escape anything that looks like work. Well, it’s appetite. Some are given appetite for work, some for idling time. Yeah, that too is appetite.

Without appetite for independence our ancestors would never have fought for our freedom. Without appetite for making tasks easier, inventors and scientists would never have bothered looking for simpler solutions. And without appetite for reaching higher levels, do you think the inventor of staircases would have bothered taking even a first step higher?

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