Aside from Laughter, These are Also Among the Best Medicines


Image from Hybrid Pedagogy.

Natural organic food, water, relaxation, deep breathing, regular exercise and laughter are God’s best medicines for us. They’re almost totally free. And to be doubly effective, enjoy them now before something goes wrong with your health. Don’t wait till you get so, so sick.

But wait. There’s something else. A lot of people miss out on these two other important stress busters because they’re often given negative images. Some “experts” say you’re not normal if you often indulge or seek refuge in them. They say you’re weak. Others say they’re not healthy for your social life. Yeah? Well, I believe to the contrary. They helped me improve my social relationships when my world seemed to cave in when I was forced into seclusion.

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What it was all about is another story altogether. Suffice it to say that I was exiled to another world in college so that I was left all alone by myself in my bedroom that was my prison from sunrise to sunset. I had to hide from everybody else. My right to socialize was forfeited by a physical condition which also deprived me of my adolescence. In a sense, I was never an adolescent. Or rather, I was an adolescent in an adult’s body.

And that was when I discovered the power of silence and aloneness.

Initially, they seemed to be my destroyers. With nobody to talk to, you’d go crazy, right? They say it’d wreck your person. Well, sometimes it does, but it often depends on you. You can always turn bad things to your advantage if you want to. And my new-found relationship with God through Jesus Christ was the pivotal factor. In my three-year self-exile, silence and aloneness lent me precious moments to rediscover myself, talk to myself (and answer myself as well) and talk heart-to-heart with God most especially.

Silence is a powerful filter. It helps remove clutter and noise in your mind and quiets it down so you can see things better and think more clearly. Lots of young people need to put on their headsets all day because of their need for music, but I find that silence gives you the best “music” there is. Most people find deafening silence weird—and initially it was how it felt—but eventually I found it apt (even a must) for genuine normalcy, if enjoying peace of mind is how you see normal.

Silence takes you far away to another world or dimension where you’re free from the hustle and bustle of civilization, away from all expectations and norms and standards. It’s lots better than an out-of-town trip when you simply want to be all by yourself to recharge mentally and emotionally. Trips like that are often self-defeating because of the length of travel you have to make to be away from it all—which is often a myth. In the end exhaustion is all you have. Plus the expense.

All you have to do is lock yourself in your room, close your eyes and hear and feel the silence—and release your mind. Release your body until there’s zero tension. The calm and rest is great healing for your body, soul and spirit. You feel energy seep gently through you. At once, you’re taken away into a peculiar stillness, a large, deep chamber where your true self is released and secured. You don’t have to be anything here but yourself. And then later, you feel a strong overwhelming, warm Presence enfold you. In this quiet chamber you find it so easy to keep still and know HE is GOD.

Aloneness is a world different from loneliness. The latter leaves you void, like something vital is missing, making you incomplete. Dissatisfied. Longing. Aloneness, in contrast, is fullness and completeness. You don’t need anything or anyone else. You are enough with God. “The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want (or lack anything).

Together, silence and aloneness with God is the condition when you “lie down in green pastures” and later led “beside still waters.” And then your soul is healed. “He refreshes my soul.”

No doubt, they’re among the best medicines. In fact, there can be no better healing.

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