This Happens When You Eat Banana Cue


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Banana is packed with vitamins and minerals, right? True. In fact, some experts say Philippine bananas are more nutritious than apples, especially bananas with black spots due to ripening. Specifically, it is rich in Vitamin C. But what about cardaba or saba bananas? These are rich in B vitamins, potassium and fibers. But what if you turn them into banana cue?

Banana cue is a sweet banana native delicacy (often considered as streetfood). Saba banana is sprinkled with brown sugar and cooked in cooking oil. Unfortunately, you lose all the vitamins and minerals in saba bananas with banana cue, especially the live natural enzymes that help with healthy digestion.

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Most natural vitamins and minerals are water soluble. So you lose them when you wash fruits containing them, like bananas. What more when you cook the fruit? Worse, some nutrients evaporate once you simply cut open vegetables and fruits. What more if you cook them? So, with banana cue, you get a delicious native snack made from saba banana, but without most of its nutrients.


Deep-fried banana cue. Image from Ping Desserts.

Bananas are also known to be rich in Vitamin A. Hence, for good eyesight, we’re told to eat bananas. Unfortunately, Vitamin A easily dissolves in oil. You fry it and it’s good bye to its Vitamin A. And the potassium? It also easily dissolves in water.

Well, at least you get dietary fibers. But then again, what good is fiber when you deep-fry banana in oil, as in the case of banana cue? Fibers help your digestive system, but then you spoil all that with oil. So make sure you use olive oil or coconut oil. But I doubt if streetfood vendors use them to cook banana cue.

To be sure, you get lots of carbohydrates with this banana dish. Carbs from the banana, brown sugar and oil. And carbohydrates is what really makes you fat, remember? You see it now? You think banana cue is a good idea if you’re on a diet? You think it will help you lose weight? Think again.

Worse is if the vendor cooked it using low quality cooking oil. Or overused cooking oil. You may just find yourself with high triglyceride levels and wondering how on earth that happened when the fact is you’ve been dieting on banana cue? Isn’t banana good for the heart?

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But I don’t want to badmouth our native saba banana or banana cue delicacy. In truth, saba banana is tops when it comes to nutrition and weight loss—if you don’t cook it. Peel it open and eat the ripe fruit uncooked. Just like that. You get all the nutrients intact. It’s good for the heart, the digestive system, for weight loss and for healthy energy, to mention a few benefits. I love eating saba in its natural, uncooked form. No hassle, no needless hard work. You’re less busy while enjoying a healthy snack.

Honestly, I think uncooked saba banana tastes lots better.

And banana cue? I still eat it now and then, because I love the different flavor. But I eat just a piece or two, and I opt for those with almost zero sugar. I don’t know why they have to hide the banana in thick brown sugar coating. All you taste is the sugar. In that case, just fry sugar in oil and eat it. Why bother with the banana? 😀

But I love turon better, especially with langka filling. But turon has more carbs, mind you—what with the wrapper and langka. But it’s so irresistible as an ice cream side dish. The best I’ve tasted is turon with ube jam and leche flan fillings. But I drink lots of ginger ale after that.

Just remember, nothing beats nature in its raw form. I always say, never tamper with God’s creation.

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