Those Eye-catching, Heartwarming Wellness Video (Scams?)


Image from Youtube.

They capitalize on your insecurity and vulnerability. Mostly, they target the dark skinned, the overweight, folks short of height, or balding people, convincing them how “ugly” they look and that it should bother them. But they don’t have to look like that all their lives. They can do something, NOW! Then enter the wellness video.

Sounds familiar?

You see the ads on your social site wall, on search engines, the websites and blogs you visit, and almost everywhere online. They suddenly pop up and intrude into videos you’re watching. In fact, they also fill your TV screens in the form of commercials. Well, not all of them are video scams. Some do offer helpful wellness products that give good results. But they often sound like they’re nothing short of being scams. Their intrusions have become a pain in the neck.

And it’s a wonder how they sometimes manage to catch the attention even of suspicious, cynical people who are never easily convinced. You know these folks to be intelligent and hard to please. And yet they turn gullible when exposed to these commercial videos. There’s some kind of hypnosis in them that makes respectable folks watch and actually buy. Here’s how they penetrate into your subconscious.

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Their Magic Mirror

They make you see yourself in a negative light. It’s as if they hold this magic mirror to your face and you see an ugly person for the first time. “Yeah,” you’d say, “why didn’t I realize it before?” The mirror distorts your image and magnifies your flaws like you alone on planet Earth have it. For sure, we all have flaws of some kind, but their mirror makes you feel guilty about them, like it’s mortal sin.

Or, they may use the death scare tactic. They tell you that innocent-looking thing in your body system you think is harmless is actually a ticking time bomb. And if you don’t get rid of it really quick, it may suddenly kill you. Most of us have cholesterol or triglyceride counts that sometimes reach borderline or become slightly elevated. It’s something you need to see your medical doctor about.

But these wellness videos make a big deal of it. That triglyceride count will kill you if you don’t act now, they’d say. And you need a natural remedy for it, something not made of prescribed medicine—because doctors’ prescriptions will kill you eventually, they add.

I’m always for natural health supplements and non-synthetic health remedies, but the  way these wellness video scams needlessly scare you is the pits. They make it sound like you’re going to die tomorrow if you don’t do something now. And with their use of scary medical jargon they got from who knows where (planet Mars probably), you’d see that your only way out (and stay alive) is to buy their products which offer magic relief.

I highly suspect that their inclination to bad-mouth big pharma products is that they envy the huge, mouthwatering profits. They want to grab that for themselves so they try to put down the big pharmas. They make it sound like their videos are humanitarian and published online because they care for you. Don’t count on it.

There are individuals who really care for suffering sick people and like to help them with the health products that also helped them or their loved ones. And they want to make us aware of what other companies are doing just to get our money. But we should be careful to see which is which.

“I know Exactly How You Feel And It’s Not Your Fault”

That’s their favorite line. I laugh when I see all of them use this line. All of them! (I mean, all the scammers. If you’re not a scammer but you use this line, I’m not referring to you, okay?) I mean, can’t they think of something else so they won’t appear so obvious?

First, they make you see what you’re not—ugly or dying, as the case may be. Then, they make you feel guilty about it. Why did you let yourself be like that? (Or words to that effect). After scolding or scaring you, they condole with you somewhat by saying they’ve also been there before so they know exactly how you feel. Really? And then they give you the clincher to make you do something about it. They tell you, with matching sympathy, that “It’s not your fault.”

When you hear that, it would be easy to do something positive about it now because it’s time to turn around something you were merely a “victim” of. If it was your fault, then probably you need to suffer for it. But it wasn’t. So why suffer? End the suffering NOW! You’d willingly buy the product because now it’s time for vengeance. Or even indignation. Your effective weapon of vengeance is the wellness product. You’d happily spend any amount for justice’s sake. So you get your credit card and order online pronto. That’s the making of a scam victim.


So you hit the video and watch. The guy talks about your situation and your problem at length. And I mean at length. He always hints at a certain “fruit” or “plant” or whatever it is that he says is key to the surefire solution of your problem. He holds it dangling to your face, as it were, like how a carrot tied to a stick is to a rabbit. In a short while, he says, he will tell you what it is. So you keep watching in suspense.

He keeps talking like that for 15 or 30 minutes. A lot of times you think he’d finally reveal his secret (or you wish he’d accidentally slip his tongue and mention the raw product so you won’t have to buy his product) but he just keeps giving you teasers. But he did promise he’d tell you, didn’t he? So you just keep watching.

Finally, after what feels like eternity, he tells you—“Click on the download button and I’ll tell you what the product is in the video!” Of course, that click will cost you.

But what did you expect? That he’d really tell you the secret just like that? For free? Get real! But as I’ve said, you don’t know what you’re really getting if you buy—but the guy selling the product knows what he’s getting.

My friend once bit the bait and got the surprise of his life. The “secret product” with the powerful raw product in it which supposedly burned fats fast turned out to be nothing but avocado. And even in the paid video the seller was round about. He first talked about vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that helped the body burn more fats. He talked about what food not to eat. He talked about the effects of desserts and beverages to the body and how fats could later lead to heart diseases and diabetes.

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He talked at length about basics that every health buff and desperate wanna be weight losers already knew about. So what new thing was he going to say that was worth the money my friend paid? Nothing. He used excellent graphics in his colorful presentation, but no new info.

Finally, after about an hour, he revealed the secret product—avocado. And with the video my friend bought were “secret recipes” he could do with avocados so he’d enjoy fat burning avocado dishes and desserts and shakes. Wow. All that for Php 2,000.

Well, he did say the truth—avocado is healthy and delicious and helped you burn fat. But who doesn’t know that? Well, non health buffs believe avocado’s high cholesterol content is bad for the health, but health buffs know otherwise. Just search on Google and you’d see experts talk about avocado’s health benefits or woes for free. Take your pick. But this guy sells it.

But is avocado safe as a fat burner? We all know we shouldn’t take anybody’s word for it. We need to consult our medical doctor and professional nutritionist about everything.

We all know water can quench thirst. But here you are, you put a mysterious packaging gimmick for your water and sell it as a “secret product” to quench thirst and more. You put in a lot of other health claims. But at first you don’t say it’s just water. You create suspense and mystery and lots of hullabaloo. You lure them into clicking on the download link to know what the product is. But of course, they pay money first before that download button appears.

When they finally buy, they click. Lo and behold, they find out the secret product is water.

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