1. How to be Easily Likable to Most People

    3D image How to be LikableMost people apply physical makeovers to appear more likable to people. But this is so superficial it seldom creates lasting good impression. If you want people to really like you, there’s got to be a deeper transformation “in” you than “on” you, especially on how you see yourself and other people.This e-book shares vital principles on how to be easily likable to most people, even get them to agree with you.

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  2. How to Turn Your Loneliness into Laughter
    turn your loneliness 3D COVER
    For people who seriously want to be free from loneliness, this e-book offers 4 simple steps to turn loneliness into happiness and even laughter. The techniques were something the author used successfully to fight deep loneliness that hounded him when he was young. Loneliness still strike him now and then but he finds these same steps still effective.

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  3. When God’s Promises Don’t Seem to Work for You

    3D WHen God's Promises Don't Seem to WorkIt happens, In fact, it’s what often happens to most Christians. They claim or pray for God’s promises but nothing happens, sometimes even after weeks, months or years. When was the last time you prayed for the seriously sick and instant healing happened? And when was the last time your church prayed for a few loaves of bread and fish and they multiplied instantly to serve thousands?

    Of your 10 prayers, how many are answered within a day? A week? A month? A year? It happens sometimes that none of the 10 prayers are answered at all! Why? What’s happened? Are God’s promises not working anymore? Is our faith lacking something? Or is it just you? Worse, it could be something else you never thought possible.

    Find, radical and deep answers to serious questions like this on this e-book. Then start making God’s promises work for you. For only P200.00, get this book. Click this link to purchase on Paypal and then be taken back to a page on this blog to download your PDF copy of the e-book.

  4. How to be Brave

    56c50390332f1Nobody’s really born coward. It’s just that most folks do not know how to release the courage and confidence lodged deep within them. They’re easily overtaken by circumstance around them—and especially by fear which is easier to do in times of survival than have the boldness to face up to challenges.

    But with this e-book, you can unlock the gentle warrior spirit in you, both before and during trouble. Be brave to face life and problems through martial arts principles, and often without any need to engage in an actual fight.

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  5. The Last Move of God in These End Times

    5771e0b78d1f3Less busy days are best spent relaxing while meditating on God and his works. Have you ever wondered what God is busy with in 2017 and the coming years? What is he about to do in church and in world history. The bible tells us everything—if we just look in the right places. But with this e-book, you don’t have to go through the difficulty of looking for the right passages and verses on the matter. This e-book will give you a good glimpse through apt Kingdom principles in Scriptures.

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