Disciplined Eating Made Easy Even for Gluttons: My Secret “Hate” Tips


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Disciplined eater—that’s always been me. I have this uncommon knack for discipline, like disciplined eating. Even when I was in grade school, I was the most disciplined in class, being able to just sit there in my chair quietly observing others around me. I was also among the most disciplined boys scouts, and later, in high school, among disciplined CAT cadet officers.

Much later, I was among most disciplined martial artists among my peers and most disciplined book lover in college. I guess, when God doled out discipline, I got a lot of it. So now I share some vital tips on disciplined eating. And it’s really all so simple. First, you’ve got to hate hospital confinement.

Hate Hospital Bills

I hate hospitals, especially the bills and food. Just thinking about them makes me behave when eating. I don’t care about juicy steaks and pork chops (my favorites) or the sight of roasted pig or chicken with their meat juices oozing out. They tempt me but I don’t give in because my hatred of hospitals is stronger. I don’t want to spend money on hospitalization.

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I saw a hospital bill once amounting to Php 1.5 million, covering heart operation and ICU confinement for 3 or 5 days. I so hate that scenario and it’s enough to make delicious unhealthy food dishes so repulsive to me. Why should I opt for momentary enjoyment and suffer terribly big-time after? Doesn’t make sense. And why should I wait for huge medical bills to happen before I realize that I could’ve prevented it by living a healthy lifestyle and disciplined eating early on in life? Some folks start working out only when illness has already set in.

Thus, I am particular about what goes inside my mouth and down my throat. Once it slides down there, there’s no way you can take it back up, except you stimulate or induce vomiting, which is sickening (I hate that feeling, too).

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Hate Storing Rotting Food in You

Just imagine storing food in your body for 3 days. Pork and beef stay longer in your intestines than other food, and it just rots there for about 3 days. And staying that long in you makes sure all the fat and oil and parasites are lodged well in your system. Plus all the harmful antibiotics and growth hormones injected into pigs and cows and chickens get transferred to you. Imagine that lengthy seeping and absorption period.

And how about bread, pastries and other flour products? They become solid and hard inside your tummy, especially if you wash them down with cold drinks, and they become solidified and difficult to digest. They can also cause serious clogging in your digestive system. Worse if they are sweetened with refined sugar.

So, all these digestion-unfriendly food get stuck in your intestines, rotting for days there, acquiring tons of bad bacteria, destroying your gut flora (digestive “vegetation” of good bacteria) and interfering with the functions of your digestive microorganisms and enzymes. I so hate the idea. So I always remind myself how to be a disciplined eater. It’s NO effort for me to avoid all unhealthy food. I throw them all out like trash.

Hate Constipation

Some folks can go for 2 or 3 days without bowel movement. It’s become “normal” to them, not realizing the health hazards. So they keep on eating unhealthily, adding even more to the growing congestion, stockpiling food wastes in their tummies that clog the normal flow of digestion. The mere thought of having stock piles of fermenting and rotting food in me that cling like glue to intestinal walls make me so sick.

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Glue-like clogging food debris in you is made possible by the trash you eat (aptly called “junk food”)—like the food stuff already mentioned above—and mixed into a cement-like decaying material or fecal plaque or mucoid plaque—a mix of rotting food waste and the protective sticky mucus secreted by the intestines when they detect parasites, yeast, fungus or bacteria.

Just the thought of this makes all unhealthy food dishes repulsive to me and makes me a more dogged, stubborn disciplined eater. I don’t like it when I have to spend more time in the restroom than necessary. And more so, I hate not moving my bowel even for a day. Instead of having unnecessary trouble, I’d rather not eat unhealthy food, no matter how delicious they may be.

Once and for All

It’s all so simple. These 3 “hate” tips make disciplined eating so easy even for gluttons. If you have to remain being glutton (which I strongly advice against), at least opt always for high-fiber food which are mostly plant based. Just turn vegetarian and you solve the problem once and for all.

In my college days, I loved eating. I and my friends loved grilling fish, pork and beef outdoors and eating under the shade of thick bamboo trees using our bare hands. I loved it when the meat juices burst in my mouth as I chew the tenderly grilled meat and partner that with fried or plain rice—especially if you season them all with crushed garlic, onion, chili and pepper in vinegar with soy sauce or fish sauce. But I had enough of that. Gradually, I changed my diet and eating habit by reducing meat intake—although I still ate them often.

Then came the crucial moment when I had to decide once and for all that I want no more meat. I turned vegetarian-pescatarian, eating nothing but vegetables and fruits plus small portions of salt-water fish now and then. For me, that’s practical disciplined eating.