The “Best” Weight Loss Program that Made Her Fatter


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My grade school teacher told me never to use the word fatter for an overweight person. Stouter was the apt term, she said. Well, I just used fatter on my title to catch your attention, guys, because most people would do everything in their power to avoid being seen as fat, much less, fatter.

All Artificial

Let’s call her Sue (not her real nickname. It’s really Patty) and she’s the type who has tried every kind of weight loss magic trick offered out there in the fitness world—but remained overweight, nonetheless. I tried to help her by examining the things she tried and, as a successful weight loser myself (I’m not a weight loss or fitness guru, mind you) I saw what seemed to be wrong. Everything she did was artificial. Anything artificial is temporary and may even come out dangerous in the end.

Turned out she tried this so-called best weight loss program she saw on TV that promised her results. It was probably the best because it earned $160 from Sue (best for the company) and made her lose weight as promised. But the weight loss came right back after she ate just a little of her favorite desserts. Artificial weight loss programs make your weight loss gains so sensitive to even just a little carbs intake. Eat a small slice of blueberry cheese cake (my favorite) and it’s adios to your success.

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If it’s artificial, you’d be forced to starve. You won’t be allowed to eat certain kinds of food, especially your favorites. But still, most times you become fat again, if not fatter. If it’s natural, you eat anything and everything—and I mean everything—in right, healthy and balanced proportions, and still maintain your healthy weight. We need all kinds of natural food. They all have a purpose, even fat and spices and salt.

Teach Your Tummy

The secret is controlled eating. You eat everything but you control it. I discovered that you can actually teach your body to acquire certain healthy habits like eating just enough and then eating less. I did it and have considerably lessened my food intake without starving. But you need to do it slowly and with help from your medical doctor who knows alternative medicine as well or from a qualified dietitian or nutritionist. Don’t do it yourself.

Eventually, I found myself eating less. First, I ate 5 small meals a day. Then, I ate 3 small meals a day. Later, I ate enough for breakfast, a bit lesser for lunch and then much lesser for supper. Since then, I’d been eating small amounts. I ate every good food I saw but in small, disciplined amounts. I did the same process when I decided to be vegetarian. Slowly but surely. Today, I hate meat already. I’ve taught my body to treat meat the way I used to treat ampalaya (bitter melon)—with disgusting repulsion. I honestly enjoy eating nothing but vegetables and fruits with gusto and excitement. I’m disappointed to see even a tiny bit of meat in my dish.

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Some do it with help from natural appetite suppressors like satiereal saffron extract which is actually a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus. A study (meta-analysis) found that it can reduce depressive disorder effects and has since been used in some natural weight loss supplements to control overeating and curb too much cravings often caused by depression.

Some experts say satiereal saffron increases serotonin in the brain and prevents compulsive or uncontrolled eating.

So, with use of such natural appetite controllers you can be helped initially until your tummy gets used to the habit of disciplined eating. Then gradually, get rid of the supplement entirely when you’re well on your way to healthy eating and natural weight loss. Some people have difficulty starting a regimen of disciplined eating and need a little help from supplements. But make sure it’s a natural supplement and you consult your medical doctor first. Later, if you want, you can also teach your body to be vegetarian.

Artificial vs Natural

Artificial weight loss is when your body doesn’t shed of weight naturally. You want permanent and easily sustainable weight loss? Always opt for natural. But Sue wanted fast results with less effort. Like fast food—you get your orders fast with less effort. Everything around us has become fast and instant and effortless so that we lose the virtue of patience. It has affected our health as well. Our body is natural so it needs to go through natural processes which often takes time. You want it natural and long lasting? Be patient. As experts say, there are no short-cuts.

But like many who want to lose weight fast, Sue chose short-cuts. So the results were short-lived and uncertain. Very artificial. To keep on losing weight, she had to spend another $160 for the product, and keep on spending on it, probably for the rest of her life. Well, what do you expect? It’s artificial weight loss from the best weight loss program.

Taking supplements is good if it’s all-natural and has no side effects. I take MX-3 regularly and wheat grass, raw honey and Tocoma for a healthy digestive system and weight maintenance (health is basically a healthy digestive system that easily absorbs nutrients from healthy food you eat). They’re all natural. But if it’s synthetic supplement, it’s entirely another story.

Be Natural

I always go for healthy diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle and mindset (mindset is a powerful thing in wellness). What I call Less Busy wellness program. All natural processes. I do squats, push-ups and pull-ups. I run and brisk walk. I use some gym equipment at home and train in Filipino martial arts. I meditate and always keep a Christly mindset (should be Christ-like mindset but I prefer Christly). These are my regular natural workouts. Going to gyms is good. Do it if you can. But gyms will cost me—and to me, unneeded expense is unnatural. 😀 It’ll make me fatter.


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So what I told Sue was to be herself—natural. Be what God wanted her to be. And God wants us all to eat healthily, have a healthy lifestyle (sleep and rest well but don’t overdo them as well), workout, be patient and be happy. If you live naturally, everything natural will happen to your body. Your body is nourished naturally and grows naturally as well (being overweight is not natural). Some folks have naturally big body built and some small. But having a big built is still different from being overweight. Overweight is exceeding your ideal body weight and size.

To be sure, consult your doctor and ask him or her if you’re overweight.

Natural Health Keeps Your Weight Normal

The beauty in natural health from a natural lifestyle is that your body weight is kept normal by nature. Eating does not make you fat or overweight, even if you enjoy your favorite spicy, fatty dish or dessert. You eat and eat and yet weigh the same. Your tummy never bulges. Isn’t that wonderful? Natural promotes normal metabolism. But once you disturb that metabolism with overeating, unnatural food and lifestyle, you start having weight and health problems.

Always go natural. Live natural.