When God’s Promises Don’t Seem to Work for You E-Book

3D WHen God's Promises Don't Seem to WorkTHEY WORKED SO EASILY THEN. WHY NOT TODAY?

God talked with Moses face-to-face as a man spoke to a friend. And God promised him that “I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.” God’s promises worked for Moses in powerful ways.

God’s awesome promises also worked easily for Joshua, Elijah, Elisha, David and the New Testament apostles. But why won’t the promises work as easily today?

Tell me honestly—when was the last time a paralytic was miraculously healed in your church or a few loaves of bread and fish multiplied to feed 5,000 with just a short prayer?

And when was the last time God’s miracle promises worked powerfully for you?


Jesus promised that anyone who has faith in him will do the same works he did, and greater works shall he do once Jesus is back to the Father. “The same works!” Just imagine that! Nonetheless, many today still miss this opportunity to do ministry in God’s awesome miraculous power.

Today, you can do the same works Jesus did if you know what makes God’s promises work for you and what makes them cease to work. Aside from sin, what other reasons hinder God’s promises in the bible to take awesome effect in your life?

Know the powerful principles with this e-book, “When God’s Promises Don’t Seem to Work for You.” It includes radical truths in the bible but which are often overlooked or simply ignored by most church leaders.

The e-book topics and discussions are as follows:

  • Unreasonable Faith

  • Why Jesus Had to Walk on Water

  • The Need to Be Radical

  • Start with Simple

  • Ignore Discouragements and Negatives

  • Getting used to the Kingdom

  • Church mindsets that prevent you from connecting to God’s power.

  • Plus More!

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